Y SF is 4 Children

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Y SF is 4 Children


On September 11th, 2001, Boeing 767 American Airlines Flight 11 left Logan airport, Boston, Massachusetts, at 7.59 am, en route for Los Angeles, California, and United Airlines 767, Flight 175, left Logan for L.A. at 8. 14 pm. As five Al Qaeda terrorists aboard each passenger airliner took over the flight controls, it wasn’t science fiction while global television audiences watched as, under instructions from their leader, Saudi Arabia’s Osama Ben Laden, heir to the family construction business, and operating under the auspices of the notoriously misogynist Taliban regime of Afghanistan,1 the hijackers crashed the civil planes into the Twin Towers on the 5 acre (20,234 m2) site occupied by the seven buildings that then constituted the World Trade Centre on the Lower East Side of Manhattan Island, New York city.



 The World Space Patrol wasn’t there to defend the WTC destroyed by the attack. Of course, Colonel Steve Zodiac of the WSP’s Fireball XL5 would have been there to defend the world if he could, but science fiction is for children, rather than against. In Episode 11 of the ‘Supermarionation’ puppet TV series, Fireball XL5 (1962-3), created by English husband and wife, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and filmed by their Century 21 Productions for distribution by ITC Entertainment, Steve Zodiac, piloting 2062’s XL5, is an electronic marionette, called a ‘doll’ in the United States of America, with mouth movements synchronized to voice actor Paul Maxwell’s pre-recorded dialogue, looking for the missing XL2 in ‘Space Monster’, aired January 6th, 1963. As Century 21’s was a style of production suited to ‘the events of 9/11’, that is, large scale, small budget, disaster movies in which models were destroyed to provide the backdrop for a theatre of puppet actors speaking lines already written for them by forces they couldn’t control, XL2’s absence from the 9/11 picture, as production code # 9 of 11 episodes, that is, 9/11, was as significant as Barry Gray’s songwriter’s lyrics to the show’s closing theme, ‘Fireball’ (1963), sung by Don Spencer, import:


‘I wish I was a space man.
The fastest guy alive.
I'd fly you round the universe,
In Fireball XL-5.
Way out in space together,
Conquerors of the sky,
My heart would be a fireball,
A fireball,
Every time I gazed into your starry eyes.

We'd take the path to Jupiter,
And maybe very soon.
We'd cruise along the Milky Way,
And land upon the moon.
To our wonderland of stardust,
We'll zoom our way to Mars,
My heart would be a fireball,
A fireball,
If you would be my Venus of the stars.’2



 Excel is a familiar software produced for computer use by the Microsoft corporation, widely recognized by grade schoolers, as being useful for graph making; for example, bar charts. In pop music singer Britney Spears’ promotional video for the song, ‘Womanizer’ (2008), there’s an allusion to MS Excel, when Britney’s making a square egg in a square pan at breakfast, that is, x², before she goes to excel at work in a square’s building reminiscent of the WTC’s, and returning home to erase her ‘bad day’, that is, the bore from the office, whose in her bed. Putting a sheet on the bed, she magically disappears him, like hiding a worksheet in MS Excel, as she carefully smoothes down the coverlet’s corners, where he’d been visible seconds earlier:


‘Look at you getting more than just a re-up

Baby, you got all the puppets with their strings up.’3



 As x² is any number instead of x, it’s a construction base, that is, cubes, for example, 4 x 4 = 16, and 3 x 3 = 9, which are potentially different sized cubes; depending on the dimensions of the original 1². Microsoft’s (MS) X-Box is based on a similarly virtual use of Excel to stage set; much in the way that buildings made from egg boxes were used by ‘TV21’ to set the stage for their variably sized puppet characters and vehicles. In short, ‘the events of 9/11’ can be viewed as an X-Box (see Figure 1) or Excel picture, where ‘cell’ is a term used by animators for the character drawn on each frame of film to simulate movement, and which TV21 animators had to adapt in order to move their characters from frame to frame in the course of an animated narrative. As computer games became more de rigeur in the early 21st century, the egg boxes, that is, the buildings constructed in computer graphics, became less valued, which is why the WTC buildings were egg boxes for the terrorists and many TV viewers watching ‘live on CNN’ and other globally networked channels at home.


Figure 1MS X-Box test


 In business terms, ‘re-up’ means ‘re-hired’. However, in slang terms, it’s a (drug) refill, that is, Britney’s bore from the office is sacked, because she doesn’t want him in the sack. Similarly, in American football the object is for the quarterback (QB) to be sacked, that is, lose his egg-shaped balls, before he can throw or pass to a receiver to catch, or run forward into the opponent’s ‘end zone’ to score a ‘touchdown’ (TD) six points. QBs have to throw or pass TDs, or they won’t be re-hired, so ‘sacking’ isn’t euphemism.

 A Boeing 757, UA Flight 93, left Newark International airport at 8. 42 am en route for San Francisco, California, and passengers subdued the four hijackers aboard, but the ‘sacked’ airliner crashed at Stoneycreek Township, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 10. 03 am, reputedly on target for crashing into the Whitehouse residence of US President George W. Bush in Washington, D.C.

 The opponents end zone is characterized by two uprights, branching out from a central post that, after a touchdown, named for the first moon landing, ‘the eagle has landed’, and ‘moonwalk’ from the lunar module, made by Apollo 11’s astronauts, on June 21st, 1969 (UTC: 2. 56), is a ‘Y’ that the ball/egg has to be kicked through, representing the ‘y axis’ of the vertical plane, as opposed to the ‘x axis’ of the horizontal plane, for an additional ‘needle point’ in terms of an adrenal ‘rush’ perhaps otherwise experienced only by junkies hooked on ‘H’ bombs.



 The Twin Towers corresponded on 9/11 to the uprights, that is, the New York Giants, and the New York Jets, because it was the ‘Super Bowl’ for a possibly super rich, drug addled criminal, who wasn’t a child. Regardless of human life, the giant setting was being used to play a form of X-Box against those perceived by the alien psychopathology as secret agent ‘cells’ conspiring against it.

 An AA 757, Flight 77, left Washington Dulles International Airport at 8. 20 am en route to L.A., but in Arlington County, Virginia, at 9. 37 am, its five hijackers flew the plane into the western façade of the Department of Defense building, the Pentagon:


‘(Oh-ooooo I know-ooooo)

Mama I'm in love with a criminal

(Should've let go)

And this type of love isn't rational,

(But no)

It's physical

(Oh-ooooo I know-ooooo)

Mama please don't cry, I will be alright

(Should've let go)

All reason aside

(But no)

I just can't deny, love the guy.’4



 In proverbially criminal terms, ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.’5 In other words, before the estate agents can let a new home, the old has to be demolished, which ordinarily has to be paid for. Although the x axis, that is, the base, and the X-Box are explicable, the role of the United States Air Force (USAF), as a thrower of ‘bombs’ similar to the QBs in American football, isn’t.

 The USAF tested a prototype aircraft it called ‘the X-plane’ from 1946. The most productive was the X-15 (1959-68). Many of the test pilots, who had Charles ‘Chucky Egg’ Yeager, the first to exceed the speed of sound in 1947, as their commandant at the USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School (1962-6), became astronauts on the North American Space Administration (NASA) manned space program’s Mercury (single Earth orbital), Gemini (crewed low Earth orbit, LEO), and Apollo missions (three person crewed moon landing):


 ‘Monkeys? Think a monkey knows he's sitting on top of a rocket that might explode? These astronaut boys, they know that, see? Well, I'll tell you somethin' - it takes a special kind of man to volunteer for a suicide mission, especially one that's on TV.’6



 As the 1983 movie of Tom Wolfe’s 1979 novel, The Right Stuff revealed, X-15 pilots sometimes blacked out at the edge of space, during high altitude tests to examine whether a plane could be flown to the moon, so the plan was cancelled in favour of sitting a man on top of a rocket, and firing it at Earth’s natural satellite, so degrading the role of the astronaut to that of a monkey on a stick. Although the avowed aim of NASA was a base there on the moon, the 1953 film, Project Moon Base, based on US’ science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein’s screenplay, and short story, ‘The Long Watch’ (1949), in which the moon is an atom bomb launch platform, led to US President Ronald ‘Ray Gun’ Reagan announcing a ‘ground and space based missile system’ in his ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ (SDI) of March 23rd, 1983, requiring space platforms for missile launchers, so resulting in the cancellation and suppression of planetary expansion outwards from Earth’s slave prison for women.



 The title of Britney Spears’ Blackout (2007) album represents a recurring allusion by the pop star to her fascination with space exploration; for example, the promotional video for her song, ‘Oops! ... I Did It Again’ (2000) features Britney on what seems to be the red planet, Mars, visited by a spaceman, who tells ‘mission control’, back on Earth, that there’s ‘98% oxygen’ there, before taking off his helmet.

 During the X-15 tests for pilots who had ‘the right stuff’, they were fed a special oxygen mix at high altitudes to prevent their blacking out, and the plane spiralling to crash, before they were able to use the ejector seat. Consequently, there’s no sign of a spacecraft in ‘Oops! ... I Did It Again’, although the appearance of Britney singing, dancing, and acting, clothed in a red pilot’s suit suggestive of science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein’s ‘the Poddy beautiful’, in his juvenile novel for girls, Podkayne Of Mars (1963), is indicative of a species of women refusing to be blacked out either by an atomic bomb platform on the moon or SDI:


`Poddy Fries, free citizen of Mars, female. Future pilot and someday commander of deep-space exploration parties. Watch for me in the news.`7



 Century TV 21 Productions had its own weekly British children’s comic published by City Magazines (1965-71), based on its reporting the news on its puppet stars, for example, the cover for June 24th, 2067, TV Century 21: Adventures in the 21st Century Every Wednesday, featured a piece on Fireball XL5, ‘Steve Zodiac’s Alive’, and resuming patrol of ‘Sector 23’, ‘with more news and pictures page 20’, after Colonel Zodiac had been reported dead eight weeks earlier. The search for the missing XL2 in production code # 9 Episode 11, ‘Space Monster’ (1963), suggests the WSP as a force whose absence was felt by 9/11’s Earth defence.



 In her ‘Womanizer’ video, Britney Spears’ suggestion is that 9/11 was a square meal’s eggs plain nation, that is, B1 and B2 stealth bombers would drop their eggs on the Moslem nations of Islam. The hijacked AA Flight 11 arrived on the x-y axis to crash into the 1, 368 feet (417 m), and 1776 feet (541 m) with antenna, North Tower, and UA Flight 175 crashing into the 1,362 feet (415.1 m), South Tower, with each base 212 feet (65.6 m), and the Twin Towers separated by a distance of 140 feet (42.6 m). The South Tower (eggs box) collapsed at 9. 59 am, and the North Tower (X-box) at 10. 28 am, with 1, 402 people (X-boxed) killed at or above the point of impact in the North Tower, and 614 (eggs) at or above the point of impact in the South Tower. In diverting resources away from a possible US base on the moon, built to be used as an atom bomb platform, Al Qaeda, that is, ‘the base’ in Arabic, القاعدة‎, directed the US military industrial complex (MIC) to waste money.



 As a derogatory term for Moslems in the nations of Islam is ‘towel heads’, because of the distinctively chequered red and white kufiya headscarf, كُوفِيَّة‎ , often doubling as a tablecloth, it’s likely that Tower legs was the theme, that is, the Twin Towers were ‘towel legs boxes’. In any event, 2,032 legs were removed from the formerly world’s tallest buildings (1971-3), as measured in feet, by a ‘foot fetishist’, who perhaps wanted the US to convert to meat as a square meal in the towels of his Excel.

 In her role as a TV 21 star, Britney was wearing her Thunderbirds (1965-6) International Rescue uniform for the promotional video for her song, ‘Toxic’ (2003), which features her as a secret TV 21 special agent stealing a serum to give to a man in his apartment, who’s seemingly an AIDS victim. She has to climb up the wall of the X-Box apartment block, before getting in through the window, like Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, whose first appearance was in August 1962’s Amazing Fantasy # 15, as puny Peter Parker, who’s actually a superhero:


‘It’s getting late

To give you up

I took a sip

From my devil's cup


It’s taking over me.’8



 Frightened that they’d meet the human futanarian species of women’s seed, sowed in colonization of the planets amongst the stars, as Jesus’ disciple, John, saw in his apocalyptic Revelation of the future, the US committed the ‘remnant’ of the human race to chucking ICBMs at itself suicidally in cancelling the space program to lift women’s ‘foot’ up: ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17)

 The x or ‘base’ axis on 9/11 was the ‘spider’, used by snooker players to get their cue into place to strike a ball into a pocket of the table. Men’s endeavor has been to stymie those who sought to escape their spider, amid fears that the space program’s producing washing machine and microwave oven technologies would result in women’s freedom, that is, the parasite’s host womb would escape.

 9/11 was symptomatic of desire on the part of spider-men to make the futa race of women crawl. The misanthropic attack on the Twin Towers was designed to prevent women, with their own penis’ semen, for their own eggs (ova), escaping being food for men as the bred of heaven. Viewed as milk producers by misogyny, it wants them to be meat products; if milk ‘cows’ aren’t required.



 In the ancient religion of Egypt, ‘Ka’ was the name of the spirit of a woman, and ‘Kau’ was its plural, while ‘Ba’ was the name of the soul of a woman, and ‘Bau’ was its plural, because the Ka body of a woman is penised, whereas the Ba isn’t, so Kau and Bau represent human reproduction, which is celebrated in the children’s nursery rhyme, ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ (1765):


‘Hey diddle diddle,

The cat and the fiddle,

The cow jump'd over the moon,

The little dog laugh'd to see such craft,

And the fork ran away with the spoon.’9


 In Egyptian the union of Ka and Ba produced the ‘magical personality’, ‘Akh’. Consequently, they’re ‘know us ark’ animals in the poem, that is, cats could play the violin if their species ‘improved’. As women’s seed left the Earth, their Kau jumps over the moon, while the dog represents the Bau-au animal soul left behind by the ‘magical’ personalities. These souls learn to fool for food, that is, the animals bite the hand that feeds them, and a sign of the beasts’ victory is women dressing as attractive meat.

 When planes crashed into the Twin Towers, corresponding in the mind of the psychotic to the processors of CPU towers for a PC’s X-Box game, in terms of psychological profiling it was the assumption of a nom de plume, ‘Chucky Egg’, the term for a soft boiled egg chopped, and a schizophrenic double allusion to actor Brad Dourif in his role as Chucky, the Good Guy doll, inhabited by the spirit of serial killer, Charles Lee Ray, in the movie, Child’s Play (1988), ‘Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?’10



 ‘Chuck’ Yeager, played by actor Sam Shepard in The Right Stuff, was the first pilot in the experimental Bell X-1 to reach Mach 1 in 1947, where Mach, a dimensionless quantity in fluid dynamics, assumed the ratio of flow velocity past a boundary equal to the speed of sound. In 1962 Yeager became commander of the Aerospace Research Pilot School that produced, for example, ‘first man on the moon’, Neil Armstrong; ‘One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.’ However, with the X-20 Dyna-Soar ‘spaceplane’ cancelled in 1963, and the similar X-23 PRIME cancelled in 1966, NASA’s objective had been schizophrenically diluted to firing a Saturn V rocket at the moon. Before the building of a space lab above the Earth, requiring a similarly launched reusable LEO spacecraft, that is, the Space Shuttle program, or Space Transportation System (STS) of orbiters; Columbia (1981-2003*), Challenger (1983-86†), Discovery (1984-2011) and Atlantis (1985-2011), rather than the lifting body and re-entry envisaged by the designers of the X-20 (Boeing) and X-23 (Martin), the US’ parallel psychopathological development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) for ‘chuck’ suggested women were going to have to accept their human race’s foot being put down for them. The destruction of the Twin Towers by ‘Chucky eggs planes’ was symptomatic. The US’ army toppled the Taliban regime of Afghanistan by January 1st, 2002, and after President Saddam Hussein of Iraq offered bases to Al Qaeda there, the US’ army invaded in March 2003 to depose the Middle East’s novel dictator.

 As Afghanistan and Iraq are Moslem nations of Islam, that is, guided by the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated by the angels of God to the Prophet Mohamed, according to Islamic tradition, Hajer, ‘the Egyptian woman’, who was Abraham’s concubine, and bore Ishmael, the founder of Islam through his descendant, Mohamed, is the reason for the Ka’ Ba, which is the shrine of Abraham in Saudi Arabia’s city of Mecca representing women’s seed. Abraham’s first son, Isaac, born from wife, Sara, founded Judaism, and Judeo-Christianity views the Koran permitting four wives as an attempt to retroactively legitimize Ishmael and Islam, whereas Moslem polygamy affords women’s seed a family within which to reproduce. 9/11 was an attempt by an alien to provoke a TV nation, the USA, where men and women had been manufactured, as a single male brained transvestite creature wearing each other’s clothes, into attacking the human race.

 There are news blackouts, as well as those blackouts pursuant to mental dysfunction and subsequent unconsciousness, and the women of Islam wear the black one-piece coverall of the burka to conceal themselves publicly from ‘Chucky’.

 In ‘Heaven on Earth’ (2007), from her Blackout album, Britney Spears’ lyrics are of a pooka, ‘One look and you stop time.’ In the movie, Harvey (1950), starring actor James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd, his friend is a 6’ 3½’ pooka, Harvey, who takes the form of an invisible rabbit that no one else can see, with the power to stop time, and take a person anywhere they want to go:


‘I feel like I'm gonna jump into heaven

(So in love)

And you'll catch me

Catch me if I jump

Will you catch me?’11



 When the X-15 pilots blacked out at high altitude, and lost control of the plane, so it spiralled to crash, if they couldn’t regain control, and they had to escape using the ejector seat, it wasn’t a ‘jump into heaven’ for a Playboy bunny, who’re women famous for appearing nude, since publisher Hugh Hefner’s 1954 issue # 1, featuring sex symbol, actress and singer, Marilyn Monroe, who sang ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’ in the movie, Let’s Make Love (1960),12 for example, as its cover girl, and for their wearing a costume with a rabbit’s tail and ears at the Playboy club.

 In the ‘Gimme More’ song’s promotional video, Britney’s a club pole dancer, ‘Every time they turn the lights down.’13 Neither men, nor Playboy bunnies, in the TV obsessed Western hemisphere of the Earth teach about women’s seed, that is, the lights are out in censorship. However, if the pooka can’t be told where to go, how’s it possible? Britney’s character in ‘Gimme More’ wears a hat, like the man in the moon in the children’s nursery rhyme, ‘The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon’ (1810):


‘The man in the moon came down too soon

To inquire the way to Norridge;

The man in the South, he burnt his mouth

With eating cold plum porridge.’14


Figure 2 - upper left, Page; upper right, Jones: lower left, Bonham; lower right, Plant


 There is an ancient legend that the moon is inhabited by a man bent over with a bundle of sticks on his back, who appears on the cover of the celebrated untitled fourth album stamped with four symbols (see Figure 2) associated with the four self-avowed Satanists, who chose and/or designed them, that is, the members of the Led Zeppelin group, lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, whose symbol is based on the Arabic letter ‘J’, ج, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham’s abstract geometry, and singer Robert Plant’s feather. The group members are descriable in the track, ‘Four Sticks’, as the sticks of a spider, because it’s an ancient Satanist practice to make stalks from a spider’s telephotographic series of lenses, that is, as ‘spies’ they’re put in the spines of animated cells to construct a prison ‘novel’ in slavery:


‘Oh, baby, baby, when the pines begin to cry,

Baby, baby, baby, how do you feel?’15


 The ‘pines’ are the spiders in the spines of the enslaver’s novel, for example, in the Warner Animation Group movie, Storks (2016), a baby is delivered, that is, it’s a spider’s talk story. When a story in Satanism has been played out, the writer coldly has the cast beheaded, as the name of actor Kelsey Grammer’s character, the stork, Hunter, implies in Storks, so that the stalks can be collected for another animated narrative:


‘It's an image old as time: a baby swaddled in white delivered by the stork. How quaint. But you'll find here on Stork Mountain we take baby delivery seriously. I'm here to finally unveil our new and improved Human Infant Production Facility. We have perfected and streamlined the process, devising a zero-mistake work flow. Using the most cutting edge technology coupled with over 75 years of hard worn experience, our new process has been described as: perfect, precise, flawless, ideal, immaculate, no problemo, error proofed, too good to fail, the opposite of the Titanic. We work hard just so you can hear the four most precious words in human language, "Goo-goo, ga-ga." So when you're looking for a baby delivery you can count The Stork Delivery Service. Make a plan, stick to the plan, always deliver!’16

 Although 9/11 was an X-Box ‘gamer’, the principle’s the same. If the man in the moon comes down too soon, it’s blackout for the dramatis personae; the stalked: because stalkies are silenced films. While Fireball XL5 isn’t XLV, for the US that’s 2011’s Super Bowl # 45, an American football game that the Green Bay [meat] Packers won on February 6th against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25, at Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas. 2011 signalled the withdrawal of the US’ army from Iraq, although the April 15th, 2013, bombing of the Boston Marathon by Chechen Kyrgyzstani-American brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and Dzhokhar,17 who built ‘pressure cooker’ devices from instructions in Al Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire # 1,together with the declaration of Iraqi rebels of a new Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), led by their Caliph, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, suggested that the butchers were packing to shoot off the human race’s foot.

 Led Zeppelin, the heavy rock group, was named for the German Zeppelin Company’s LZ-129 Hindenburg airship that exploded on May 6th, 1937, while crew were attempting to attach it to a mooring mast at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester Township, New Jersey, USA. A photo of the exploding airship appears on the cover of the band’s inaugural album, Led Zeppelin I (1969), and there was a similar 360 foot (110 m) mast atop the North Tower of the WTC, making it 1, 730 feet (530 m) high. On the band’s 1975 Physical Graffiti album, a plane is heard, and sound engineer Eddie Kramer says, ‘Got to get this airplane on?’ The reply from lead singer, Robert Plant, is ‘No, leave it, yeah.’ In a Satanist drama, the words spoken aren’t those heard by Satanists, who hear ‘voice over’ transmissions, that is, the plot isn’t what the human actors think it is, who’re made both deaf and blinded, so that the Satanist plot can progress secretly. The fact of the existence of the plane on the recording is important to a plotting Satanist, as narrative content, but it’s mouths burned all round from coldness through the Satanical novelist, who fosters disaster by occluding what’s manifest. These are the lyrics from the track, ‘Houses of the Holy’:


‘From the houses of the holy

We can watch the white doves go.

From the door comes Satan's daughter.

And it only goes to show.

And you know.’18


 Actually, no, and it doesn’t seem that New Yorkers would either. Keep the airplane on; or erase it: as ‘Satan’s daughter’ is coming in through the door of the ‘houses of the holy’? The cover of the album, Physical Graffiti, features a New York tenement block’s front doorway at 96/98 Saint Marks Place, and particularly the stoop at 96 E. 8th Street, with the windows affording cartoon views of, amongst others, Lee Harvey Oswald, whose sniper’s shot killed US’ President John F. Kennedy, as his motorcade  passed through Dealey Plaza, city of Dallas, state of Texas, on November 22nd 1963, and who New York’s International Airport in the Jamaica neighborhood of the borough of Queens is named for.

 Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti alludes to New York city, as a graph guiding the mind and feet to E. 8th Street, that is, it’s graph-feet, E. 8th Street, but the mind of the inquiring reader is also taken to a British naval engagement, known as ‘the battle of the River Plate’, with the German Kriegsmarine heavy cruiser, ‘pocket battleship’ Admiral Graf Spee, near the estuary of the River Plate, along the coast of Argentina and Uruguay in the South Atlantic, on December 13th, 1939, at the outset of World War Two (1939-45), which engagement was later made into the 1956 film, The Battle of the River Plate, released in the US as, Pursuit of the Graf Spee, starring actor Peter Finch as Captain Hans Langsdorff:


‘We sighted two destroyers and another ship. It wasn't till we closed with them that I realized they were cruisers. By that time, we'd already joined them in battle. I couldn't take my eyes off them. They came at me like destroyers. They kept coming at me.’19


 The Graf Spee opened fire at 6. 18 am on the British cruisers, HMS Achilles, HMS Exeter, and flagship HMS Ajax, whose  Commodore, Henry Harwood, is represented by actor Anthony Quayle in the movie as engaging with the German warship for the rest of the day until, at 8. 48 pm, with the Graf Spee silhouetted in the sunset, Harwood makes the decision to attack at night: ‘Be ready to close in and finish her when the light fails. Keep her between us and the afterglow. She'll be silhouetted against the western sky. We'll be in the cover of the dark.’20 Although Langsdorff’s ship dropped anchor at the port of Montevideo, neutral Uruguay, to effect emergency repairs at 00. 10 am, Hans sank his own ship in fear, before committing suicide, after the Uruguayans ordered the Germans to leave within 72 hours.

 The child actor in the TV commercial for ‘Battleship’, a 1967 Milton Bradley game, similarly falls into the sea, saying ‘He sank my battleship!’ For two opposing players or more, the MB game has tactile squares, not dissimilar to MS’ virtual Excel, but with holes for pegs simulating ships, and used to conceal the whereabouts of a fleet, before they’re located and destroyed by the simple expedient of guessing where the warships are; for example, ‘E, 8?’

 The opposing Admiral looks at his tray to see if he has hidden a plane (1 square), submarine (1), destroyer (2), cruiser (3), battleship (4), or aircraft carrier (5) along the alphabetically labelled squares of the x axis, that is, in this case, E, in conjunction with the numerically labelled y axis, which is in this instance, 8, before reporting whether a vessel has been hit or not, and so the game continues; until one or other wins.

 Before the bombing of the Boston Marathon which, held on Patriots’ Day, the third Monday in April, and beginning on April 15th, 2013, in Hopkinton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, was scheduled to end as usual in Copley Square, Boston, on February 3rd the Baltimore Ravens had defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, in Super Bowl XLVII (47) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, that is, in science fictional terms, the SF 49ers were Fireball XLIX, whose absence was sorely missed.

 The ‘pressure cooker bombs’ exploded on Boylston Street near Copley Square, Boston, 630 feet (190 m) and 14 seconds apart, at 671-3 Marathon Sports, 2. 49. 43 pm, and at a mailbox outside 755, Starbucks coffeehouse, 2. 49. 57 pm. However, because SF is for children, men, who prefer chucky eggs, are against it, which is the 1 point. Theirs is a very big spider, and there’re lots of squares.




* At about 9. 00 am EST on February 1st, 2003, after a 16-day scientific mission, Columbia disintegrated. External fuel tank insulation, peeling off at launch, had punctured the left wing. During intense re-entry heat, hot gases compromised the hydraulics, leading to exposure of protected areas; resulting in break up.

† At 11. 38 am EST on January 28th, 1986, just over a minute into flight, a faulty booster joint tore open, resulting in flame melting struts, leading to explosion of the launcher fuel tank, destroying Challenger and killing its crew.


1 Osama Ben Laden, with the ‘Wahhabis’ of Saudi Arabia, adherents of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab’s 17th century ultra-conservatism, fought a successful war (1979-89) against Russia to gain independence for Afghanistan.

2 Gray, Barry ‘Fireball’, Don Spencer, HMV, 1963.

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4 Amber, Tiffany, Max Martin, and Shellback ‘Criminal’, Britney Spears, Femme Fatale, Jive, 2011.

5 The French Republic sent the United States the statue of Liberty, standing in New York harbor since 1888, in recognition of perceived similarities with the American Revolution that began with the US’ ‘Declaration of Independence’ from the British Empire of George III on July 4th, 1776. France’s Royalist counter- revolutionary, François de Charette, reportedly said, on being accused of having caused many deaths before the success of the French Revolution in 1792, ‘On ne saurait faire d'omelette sans casser des œufs.’ Walker's Hibernian Magazine, Ireland, Dublin, May 1786.

6 Shepard, Sam as Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager in The Right Stuff, The Ladd Company, 1983.

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