Vornan-19 and some Fags about Covid-19

07/01/2022 15:56

Vornan-19 and some Fags about Covid-19


The advent of Covid-19, the virus mutation causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), emerging in December 2019 at a Wuhan city hospital in Hubei Province, China, has something in common with Vornan-19, the central character of The Masks Of Time (1968) by US' science fiction writer, Robert Silverberg, a novel published in England as Vornan-19, who arrives from a thousand years in the future, naked, on the Spanish Steps, a stairway to the Trinità dei Monti church in Rome, Italy, on Christmas Day, 1998, rendering unconscious police attempting to arrest him with a touch from his fingers.



 There are similarities between Vornan-19 and Michael Valentine Smith (MVS), the central character of US’ science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein’s novel, Stranger In A Strange Land (1961), who arrives on Earth, discovered on Mars after a 19 day outward trip by Federation Champion spaceship, with its Lyle Drive propulsion system usable only in the solar system, where Smith had been raised by Martians, who found him in the wreckage of the Envoy, a previous Earth ship that, with a round trip then taking 971 days, and a need to refuel at a space station, had crashed on Mars twenty five years earlier. Taken to the state of Maryland's Bethesda military hospital, Valentine, who’s never seen a woman, is attended only by men, until pulchritudinous nurse, Gillian Boardman, highly-sexed, sneaks him out with her. When agents of the United States of America’s government catch up, Smith disappears them with a gesture similar to Vornan-19’s.



 The plots by Silverberg and Heinlein are similarly concerned with the sexual individual’s need to be rid of homosexuality, which would seek to prevent their reproducing. In simple terms, that’s the meaning of MVS, Vornan-19 and Covid-19 for the healthy sexual being. Where the initial flu-like symptoms of AIDS, that is, the acquired immune deficiency syndrome, discovered by DR Congo in 1983, being contracted through HIV, that is, the human variant of a mutated simian immune deficiency virus, SIV, spread by homosexual monkey fuckers,1 and killing by organ collapse, like SARS, failed to prevent humans from reproducing, Covid-19 would, by preventing kisses, for example; the basic preliminary to human sexual intercourse. Everyone perforce wore masks during the ensuing pandemic, which was virulent throughout the globe for years: killing some millions of heteros dissuasively.

 What science didn’t make clear with their description of AIDS was that monkeys are often  homosexual, that is, SIV, as the simian variant of HIV, is found amongst primates, because it’s an STD transmitted homosexually, whereas HIV/AIDS is a consequence of homosexual activity between men. However, although it’s clear that the virus is transmitted between simians and homosexuals, it isn’t clear that homosexuals are men, while it is obvious that lesbians aren’t homosexuals, but rather a variant of the sexual valence of futanarian women’s seed. As scientists didn’t explain those transmitting the virus as homosexual monkeys, that is, non-human, they’re monkey science. What humans have been taught is their race is, in fact, an alien experimenter’s denying humans the science and technology needed to live, which an animal that wanted to eat you would do, and is the paradox that seminal nineteenth-century anthropologist, Charles Darwin, presented in The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871). Animals exhibit homosexual behavior symptoms, because of the absence of a ‘missing link’, the seed of the feminine, which they’ve eaten. Consequently, Darwin’s observation that the female is ‘less eager’,2 though perspicacious, is pertinent for the wrong reasons.



 Feminism’s ‘pc’ mistake was similar to that of science’s, in wanting to be politically correct, without causing offence to homosexual necrophagia, that is, the desire of the animal to eat the kill, which women’s seed isn’t eager to be. The ‘Darwinian paradox' is that ‘pc’ is political control, which isn’t correct. In defining lesbians as homosexual, women were definable as monkeys, whereas women’s seed isn’t viral; but human. Darwin’s theory, in On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (1859), that humans evolved from apes, amounts to the observation that homosexuals' behavior is simian. In more human terms, homosexuals are rapes, as women’s seed doesn’t want to be transmitted as TV, because it’s that monkey's brain that's the source of the infection; war against women: live.




 Although women are a separate species with penis’ seed of their own, that’s dismissed by misogyny as equivalent to ‘foot and mouth disease’ (FMD) in animal husbandry livestock,3 for example. When US' actor Michael Douglas of The Streets of San Francisco (1972-77) ABC TV cop series fame, and the movie The Game (1997), etc., was reported as saying his throat cancer was caused by contracting the sexually transmitted disease (STD), human pappilomavirus (HPV), during oral sex, the headline ran, ‘Foot in Mouth Disease’,4 not because glamorous actress wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, Welsh star of British ITV’s adaptation of H. E. Bates’ novel, The Darling Buds of May (1991-93), and the movie Entrapment (1999), etc., was offending, but as the reporter wanted to ridicule the concept of a futa sucking their own penis.



 While the futanarian race prefers to fellate itself, amongst the ancient Romans ‘filthy mouth’,5 os impurum, wasn’t only abusive invective against fellatio, but a metaphor directed against those perceived as morally decayed. However, whereas women’s oral sex with herself hasn’t any objective moral dimension, the disappearance of woman’s seed is indicative of ‘smoking’ related illnesses, which do. Down to her butt, on the agenda for her killer with the hammer of their ‘love gun', cock, preventing her race from using its own ‘starting pistol', Covid-19’s ‘tonsil hammer', smoking humanity's organs through its throat, after the infected penis' semen of the homosexuals’ ‘meat hammer’, through the anus, began the collapse of the organized human system by means of the (insufficiently non-gender specific) AIDS virus.



 That the killer is homosexual relates to the concept of the alien in relation to women’s seed. In ancient Greece woman’s host womb was enslaved in institutionalized homosexuality for war; effectively against her. AIDS and Covid-19 aren’t only killer viruses; they’re bondage. People have to wear condoms and masks as prophylactics that come to resemble fetish; arousal by means of what is non-living: death worship. The killing homosexual is excited by the trappings of its viral success. Aroused by the condom and the mask as fetish objects directly relating to their viral nature’s desire that the woman be non-living; for example, as in burkas at McDonald’s. The seed buns are in their burka bags; catering to the fetish fantasy of women who’re meet for burgers.



 For the enslaver, it’s expedient to kill a species to the point at which it will be a slave. To women, men are a killer virus enslaving their host wombs. Pornography is the way of an alien intelligence demonstrating how it skewers its meat, with the spit going in at mouth and anus. Those men who demonstrate this correspond to demons; acceptance of the virus’ programing of the human species to be its slave, and/or its food.



 In Silverberg’s novel Vornan-19 reveals that he’s from the year 2999. During his initial press conference he says that, having tapped the energy within all matter, no one has to work in the future, which is the aim of the alien virus; the homosexual killer of the human race, who has convinced the species that its slavers are men by reference to indolence as its basic defining criteria.

 Both Vornan-19 and Valentine Smith remove all opposition, like a virus, with a modicum of physical exertion, which is the ‘power fantasy' of the infantile,6 as described by Austrian psychologist, Alfred Adler (1870-1937), although he couldn’t make the now obvious connection between the homosexual's penis, AIDS, and the human on the tines of the fork of the devil. The infantile homosexual slaves the butts of the species from their rears, and are heard but not seen, while the adult human slave, tranquilized by ‘fear us’, is herd and scenic.



 Old Nick, that is, and so prisons are ‘the nick’ in English, for those escapists who, wanting to be free of homosexuality, would have preferred to read how Gill went into Bethesda hospital and shoved her penis down MVS’ throat. Heinlein and generations of literary geniuses were prevented by homosexual infantilism from writing such scenes, because then the audience would be adult and heard, rather than seen in the nick of time for conditioning into acceptance of homosexuality through male rape in prison, where the desire to repress humanity is the real crime.

 Those who have knowledge of women’s futanarian seed have, effectively, escaped from a mental prison, which is why the Virgin Mary is depicted in Christianity as crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, because Jesus, who his disciple Judas had killed, after he found him alone with a woman, experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven as the archetype of birth from women only. Previously men were able to maintain the belief that only they were created by God, while women were wombs for the production of slave meat by disdainful homosexuality, which was the curse broken by Jesus’ birth. Men could no longer argue that human womb births weren’t God.

 According to Vornan-19, life began on Earth when an alien spacecraft jettisoned garbage, a fictional premise speaking volumes for the lack of respect science fiction writers, under the cosh of homosexual censorship, and the threat of men only prisons if they didn’t accept its propaganda, were made to wield against the human race, as they looked to be inventive; unique, and entertaining. As science fiction is, perforce, homosexual rubbish enforced by infantile censorship, visiting friends, Jack and Shirley in Arizona state, Silverberg depicts Vornan-19 as rebuffing Shirley’s discrete sexual advances while he seduces Jack, ‘I saw them!’7 Even if she’d been a woman with a penis of her own, Shirley could only have given it to the homosexuals in the ass or mouth, which is why the aliens are viral.

 Spreading AIDS, as the homosexual snuffers of men and women’s transvestite species, bred to war against itself, as a single male brained creature, wearing each other’s clothes as TV, ‘smoking’ is their widely used euphemism in the television (TV) medium for killing, while Covid-19 is scoff/feed, where a person’s possessions can be thieved, but they have to die, that is, their penis is ‘smoked’. The renowned length, perceived ridiculous by misogyny, 19” is a relatively average size for a woman’s penis, though still representating a lot of possessions for the murderous fellator to thieve.



 The remnant of women’s seed becoming subject to their castrator's weakening of them, as studies of the link between HIV/AIDS and the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus indicated,8 the human race is devoured at both ends by AIDS and the coughin' SARS 2: ‘The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12. 4) Subject to flatulence, the mouth was the coffin’s ass #2 of the Covid-19 victim. In Jesus’ disciple John’s apocalyptic vision of the future, Revelation, he describes how men keep the futanarian species of women’s seed enslaved: ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war upon the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) AIDS, pronounced as the Greek Áïdēs, Hades (hell), and Covid-19’s coffin, were apocalyptic signs of the human race being smoked to death; either end will do for the farter of it.

 Heinlein's Smith, who afterwards is eaten as a broth by his followers, so illustrating that homosexuality’s religiosity, with regard to MVS’ advocacy of sexual freedom, is a feed from a coffin, is lynched and torn limb from limb by a crowd, ‘Give the bastard a nigger necktie.’9 Vornan-19’s shield, allowing him to interact with crowds, fails during a visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and like VMS’ body, Vornan 19’s is coff' feed, so never found.



 Science once conjectured AIDS had been transmitted through the fingers of Africans who ate the brains of infected monkeys, although human burial practices were also hypothesized, rather than straightforward brain-eating by the spades,10 which in the 1960s was discovered in Papua New Guinea as resulting in a degenerative disease with a similar incubation period, kuru,11 transmitted through an infectious brain protein: prion.

 A ‘gigantic black man', coffeed-color symbol of cannibalism, that is, the parasitoid devouring of the human by the necrophage, seizes upon Vornan-19. As Covid-19 did upon the partial spayed buried seed of women’s futanarian ‘foot’, that is, the remains of humanity, towards the beginning of the 21st century’s 3rd decade: ‘There was a terrible inward rush.’12 As the lungs, and/or other organs collapse, the body dies.

 Silverberg’s narrator, Leo Garfield, Professor in the physics department at the University of California (UC) state, and a member of a government team detailed to study Vornan-19, recounts: ‘I heard cries of ecstasy.’ MDMA, 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine, Ecstasy, or ‘E’, the ‘love drug', first introduced by the E. Merck pharmaceutical company in 1912, Darmstadt, as an appetite inhibitor for the losing German army during WWI (1914-18), and used psychoactively by 1970s behavioral psychiatry, obsessed as usual with its lobotomy tweezers and/or chemically lobotomizing the unsurprisingly bewildered, was fed to ‘ravers’ at trance-dance parties by 1980s ‘drug pushers’. Inducing severe levels of serotonin depletion (50-80%),13 that is, brain damage, and respiratory disorders, such as pneumomediastinum, the handicapping effects of MDMA were a logical precursor to the burier of the human race; Covid-19 as the brain-eater of the debilitated but normatively sexual.

 The Christ-like Messiah aspect to Heinlein’s Valentine, and Silverberg’s Vornan 19, is explicable in terms of the viral nature of homosexuality, which doesn’t want the truth about the human healthiness of women’s seed disseminated through the mass media edutainment system: ‘The crowd was going wild.' Vornan 19’s human nature, like Valentine’s, the ‘love god', is extinguished as a brain: neat.


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