Vladimir Putin Née Palm TOS

21/11/2023 02:44

Vladimir Putin Née Palm TOS


It was the photograph, taken by 21 year old Vietnamese-American Hyunh Cong, 'Nick', Ut, for Associated Press, of a nine year old South Vietnamese girl, Phan Thị Kim Phúc, in Vietnam's southeast, running along the road naked, beside her village, Trảng Bàng, in Tây Ninh Province, with her back aflame, after an attack on occupying communist North Vietnamese forces, on June 8th, 1972, by a South Vietnamese piloted single-seat US' Douglas A-1E Skyraider attack aircraft, which through public condemnation lost the Vietnam war (1955-75) for the United States of America, during the Indo-China wars (1946-1992) to prevent the spread of communism in Asia and the Far East, 'Nóng quá, nóng quá!'1 ('Too hot, too hot!') The weapon was napalm, which wasn't an A-bomb, but it was a homonym, as née palm was for Rhode Island state's Quahog city, whose Mayor, Adam West, in the animated US' TV surrealist comedy series, Family Guy (1999-), married his hand.


 West, whose administration cemented the lids of coffins shut, as he was worried about thalidomides rising as zombies, was a brainwashed Russian 'sleeper' spy, according to the 'Spies Reminiscent of Us' (2009) episode, activated by the phrase, 'Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.'2 Links to former Committee for State Security (KGB) head, and President from 1999, Vladimir Putin's TOS (TOC, in the Cyrillic alphabet), the acronym for Russian communism's 'Red Army' heavy flamethrower weapons' system, deployed against the Ukraine, from February 24th, 2022, and similarly a euphemism for masturbation, that is, to ejaculate, 'toss', by hand, are profiling.

 A euphemism used by gunfighters, in what was known as the Wild West, during the period of migration Westwards (1607-1912), for European settlers on the East coast of the US, which continued until the colonization of the West coast, for example, with the major urban conurbations of the state of California, centering upon the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, often having the rule of law imposed by vigilantes as well as government officials, they were similarly wed to their gun hand. In the movie, High Noon (1952), actor Gary Cooper, as Will Kane, though married in film to actress Grace Kelly, as Amy, has to deal with a killer, actor Ian MacDonald, as Frank Miller, threatening Hadleyville, Will's state of New Mexico's peaceful community, in a gunfight, 'They're making me run. I've never run from anybody before.'3 A distinction between the masturbator and the justified.



 Although napalm was a US' developed weapon, consisting of a mixture of oil and petroleum jelly, which stuck to flesh, and burned upon ignition, chi means 'dragon fire' in Asia, while the coronoavirus, SARS-2 variant, known as Covid-19, emerging from a Wuhan city hospital, Hubei province, communist China, December 2019, killing millions in a global pandemic, was chi. Though too obvious for complicated cosmopolitans, the Chinese are Genies; for example, in the tale, 'Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp', from the 8th century collection, A Thousand and One Nights, the genie's appearance, after an old oil lamp is rubbed, accords with the belief that djinn, ch'in, are born from 'cold fires'. Ch'in was China's First Empire, with a system that lasted from 221 C.E., until 1917, emerging as conqueror of China's other states; Yan (燕), Zhao (趙), Han (韩), Wei (魏), Qi ( 齐), and Chu (楚), during China's 'Seven Warring States' period (c. 475-221 C.E.). That djinn are born from the cold ashes of a hot war is a Chinese metaphor for the genius of freedom, which is a fire that resists being put out.



 That genius is the result of abstaining, sexually, finds its historical correlatives in self-sacrifice; for example, US' inventor Thomas Edison's 1879 electric light wasn't television, while Scot, John Logie Baird, inventing TV in 1926, would've been a genie to Edison, as with his bulb, Edison would've been to nurse Florence Nightingale, known as 'The Lady of the Lamp', to the wounded being treated by her by candle light in Turkey's capital city, Constantinople, during the Crimean war (1853-6), between the Empire of the Ottoman Turks of the Moslem nations of Islam, allied with that of Britain, France, and Sardinia-Piedmont (later modern Italy), to defeat a Russian expansion after its invasion of Romania.

 Genius accords with the future, that is, recognizable in terms of life spent, genies are portrayed as slaves, which is desirable from a slaver's point of view. That a castrated eunuch in a Turkish harem is a butthole, doesn't mean he's a genie. However, suggesting he's stoppered implies that's how genius is made to work, which presupposes an individual remaining unrewarded. However, the stories of the djinn are more than positive in that the wishes of Aladdin, for example, are granted. Although the rewards are presented as fiat lux, the genie isn't a slaver, which implies rewards are due the recipient.



 However, as with the Father Christmas tradition in Christianity, where the children's toys are depicted as coming from Santa's sleigh, which is an anagram, and a euphemism for Satan's slay, it's invariably a son, who receives the rewards bestowed by the genie, that is, the father's the slaver of genius, represented by the genie in the tales, in the same way that the Christian father's the slayer of slaves, for example, 6,000,000 Jews, and other ethnic minorities, killed by the German Nationalist (Nazi) regime of Christianity's reichsfϋhrer Adolf Hitler, during World War Two (1939-45), after Kaiser Wilhelm II's first attempt to enslave the Earth for the German Empire in World War One (1914-18), and who didn't live to be rewarded, were labor slaved to death in 'concentration camps'. The myth in Christianity is of a heavenly reward, which presupposes death, but an immortal life thereafter, while the Koran (610-30 C.E.) doesn't stipulate death as necessary for entry into paradise, which means they're a slave tease.

 The genie is a visitor from a future, built on the labor of genius, like that of Edison and Baird, who were slain, as they're recorded as having died, by profiteers in a time-travelers' future, who may've gone back to the womb to again flog that horse to a finish, which is called karma in Hinduism, that is, the sense of having been there before, as the fertilizer of the ovum of the female host, experiencer of what the French call déjà-vu, repeating the birth of the genie for the slaver, whose time machine is djinn time, but the slaver doesn't reward the genius, which is how business was done.

 As the disciples of Jesus 'Christ', 'the chosen', found, after the Jewish rabbi, that is, preacher, was crucified, as a dissenter, during the Roman Empire's occupation of Palestine, in the name of their Emperor, Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 C.E.), chi is persistent, 'They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.' (Acts: 2. 3) The descent of what they called 'the Holy Spirit of God' led to the birth of the Christian church, as genius born from the cold ashes of the fires.



 The 'feminine spirit of God' appears in Judaism, as 'the Shekinah', who dwelt in the tent of the tabernacle, where the Ark of the Covenant of God's promise of land was kept, during the Jews' exodus from Egypt, as slaves to Thutmose III (1485-1431 B.C.), which is reminiscent of the woman, Eve, at the side of the first man created by God, Adam, and the piercing of the side of Jesus, 'the Second Adam', by the Roman guard, Longinus (Matt: 27. 54), with his spear at the crucifixion, as the feminine spirit of God represented a new birth, which the Jewish Pharisees, that is, the religious police, and the Empire of Rome didn't want, as it'd mean having to accept the fires of freedom's genius, which were that of women's seed.

 In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, which is the law and history of the Jews, that is, their Torah and Talmud, the angel, Satan, turned into a serpent by God for rejecting God's plan that the human host be greater than the angelic, dwelt in the paradise of Eden, where Satan gave to Eve, the woman, and Adam, the first man, created by God, 'the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil', which it was death to taste, saying 'You shall be as gods.' (Rev: 3. 5) God expelled Eve and Adam from Eden for rejecting 'the fruit of the tree of life', which was immortality, in preference for slavery in ephemerality, while promising Eve her 'seed' would prevail, 'You shall crush the head or the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.' (Gen: 3. 15) In Christian iconography, Jesus' mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, as Jesus was the seed of Eve, which wouldn't die.



 Found with a woman by his disciple, Judas, Jesus was given over to the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, who gave him to the Romans, despite Jesus' mild admonishment, 'Leave her alone.' (Mk: 14. 6) Taken to the hill of Calvary, outside the city of Jerusalem, Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood, where he died, but experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of the genius of women's seed, who would defeat death, through their indomitable spirits' ensuring medical science's achievement of bodily immortality for the species.

 Though Eve is represented as being created from the side or rib of Adam by God, Jewish Midrash argues that Adam was hermaphroditic. The species of women, called 'futanarian', are God's 'foot'. As Eve's birth was the result of self-fertilization, Longinus thrust his spear into the side of 'the Second Adam', Jesus, as men don't want women, but rather their flesh, that is, as God's 'plates of meat' (feet), in the rhyming slang of England's capital city of London, euphemistically known as 'The 'Big Smoke', by those born within the sound of the church of St. Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, which is the criteria for being recognized as a genuine 'Cockney' Londoner, dancing round their 'handbags'.



 As a self-fertilizing race is able to do everything for itself, it isn't condemnable as Onan, the biblical figure usually perceived as being condemned to death by God for 'spilling his seed upon the ground', whereas he was in fact killed by God for disobeying God's instruction to Onan to fertilize his dead brother's wife, which angered God, as men had apparently already killed women's seed, that is, as handbags, a secret 'smoked' from the human host's womb. Enslaved by men's parasitical nature, women's seed aren't Onanism, which is what being executed by men for loving oneself as a race is.

 A correlative to chi, which translates as 'inspiring principal', in the ancient world was 'Greek fire' (c. 672), used by the Eastern Roman Empire's (395-1453 C.E.) navy, during the period of the split between the Western Empire (27 B.C.-476 C.E.), centered upon Rome, Italy, and the Eastern seat of what was known as the Byzantine Empire. Located in Constantinople, modern Istanbul, Turkey, specialist dromon galleys, equipped with nozzles, projected liquid fire, like flamethrowers, and catapults lobbed the secret, though probably naphtha and quicklime based, preparation, which ignited on contact with water, and on sea water remained afire.

 Most notably Greek fire repulsed the ships of the Moslems of the Caliph of the nations of Islam, that is, Mu'awiya I's Umayyad dynasty, in its siege of Constantinople (674-8 C.E.), and Sulayman's (717-8 C.E.). The first Caliphate, after the Prophet Mohamed, was Rashidun (632-61 C.E), before the murder of Mohamed's successor, cousin and son-in-law, Ali, resulted in civil war, and the Umayyad Caliphate's establishing from those ashes. Though Greek fire was Roman, the ancient Greek socio-political system was based perforce on the institutionalization of host womb slavery of women for homosexuality in pederasty for war. Greek fire was a metaphor, therefore, for anal borne sterilizations which, in the late 20th century, gave rise to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), discovered being transmitted between homosexuals, injecting each other's anuses, with infected semen from their penises, by DR Congo in 1983, as a further obstacle for the genies of human nature to overcome. Those genius that do emerge from the unstoppered butthole are effectively homosexuality's slaves: a drink for a vampire.



 Just as science observed that severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), a coronoavirus, that is, 'fire's crown', known as Covid-19, as its virulence began to take effect from December 2019, was a result of the human system being weakened by AIDS. Although the Christian analogy is 'the crown of thorns', put upon the head of Jesus by the Romans, 'King of the Jews', at his crucifixion, which according to legend, the Christmas bird, the robin, stained his breast feathers red, in removing, the more literary allusion is to the French libertine, the Marquis de Sade and his ass (AIDS/SARS), a known 'sodomite', who wrote of his pleasure in torture, as in the homosexually oriented, 120 Days of Sodom (c. 1785), a biblical city, where homosexuality was notoriously practiced (Gen: 19. 14), until destroyed by God.

 The modern political coronaids' allegory was Putin's TOS. The virus upon the fevered brain of genius, which birthed the development of Russia's TOS 1 and 2 combined biological and conventional weapons' system, resulted from the 'Cold War' (1947-91), which was what homosexuals were told, according to an early report from Lawrence D. Mass in New York Native, they died of, at the AIDS' plague outset; a touch of 'flu that began as a cold, before the virus' were put out by robin getting the needle.



 The 'in' point being that 'birds', a euphemism for 'women's seed', were experimental laboratory subjects. Animals to be experimented on to fund a magazine, rather than find a vaccine. Like the English heroine-injecting periodical, Loaded (1994-), featuring nude, aussi smooth, 'bush' women, together with full color, multi-page lectures on the firepower needed to ensure a 'hand job', as the alien punished women's seed and their semen to maintain expensive AIDS/SARS magazines, promoting masturbation perforce, rather than cheap liberating vaccines:

'Last week there were rumors that an exotic new disease had hit the gay community in New York. Here are the facts. From the New York City Department of Health, Dr Steve Phillips explained that the rumors are for the most part unfounded. Each year, approximately 12 to 24 cases of infection [pneumonia] with a protozoa-like organism, Pneumocystis carinii, are reported in New York City area. The organism is not exotic; in fact, it's ubiquitous. But most of us have a natural or easily acquired immunity.'4



 Actually, the homosexual variant is Pneumocystis jiroveci, named for Czech parasitologist, Otto Jirovec, as Pneumocystis carinii applies only to rats, not necessarily pejoratively, while qareen is the name of a type of djinn, according to Arabian folklore, who appears as a part of the hamzad, which is a good angel, together with a tempter, born with every human, while the Prophet Mohamed, to whom the angels of God dictated the Koran (610-30 C.E.), was according to Moslem tradition, the only person ever to convert his qareen to Islam. That homosexuality is a temptation susceptible to qareen infection, although Pneumocystis carinii was named for several naturalists with the appellation Carin, fits the disaster-recovery hypothesis, as applicable to slavery, where the temptation to fall is balanced by the qareen with the will to rise again.

 The qareen is not to be confused with the qarinah, which is a female 'bed' jinn, corresponding to venereal disease, although the principle of disaster-recovery is the same. First fall in love. The 'demon star' in the night sky is Algol, which translates in Arabic as al-ghūl, رأس الغول, that is, ghoul, while alcohol, which is a paralytic, is a modern interpretation of what the constellation of stars in the heavens, containing Algol, and known as Perseus, holding the head of the Gorgon, Medusa, symbolize




 The paralysing beauty of women, decapitated by men, as they're brutes, who drink alcohol to paralyse their violent nature, which is a demon to overcome, is the equivelent of homosexuality's rat, Pneumocystis carinii, infecting the human race; for example, pornography portrays homosexuality's progressive castration of women, for the enslaving of the human host womb, while the ghouls of voyeurism, applauding and jeering its resilience and genius, toss off more racist poison to enjoy some die of the throes: 'And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind.' (Rev: 9. 15) Contrasted with 666, 33.333 is cognitive, 'Let he that has wisdom have understanding, the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six.' (Rev: 13. 8) As men and women aren't of women's seed, that is, futanarian humanity, but rather a single male brained creature, wearing each other's clothes in transvestism, they're the beast 'TV', reinforcing its bloodthirsty vision of species' genocide, 'The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.` (Rev: 13. 15) That the four angels correspond to the four functions of psychoanalytical theory, that is, Sensation, Thinking, Feeling and Intuition, as the psychological components of ego-consciousness, described by Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), reinforces the perception of the indomitableness of the human spirit, remaining after the virus, 'The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.' (Rev: 12. 17) The third of mankind that are killed by the angels, reasurringly in obedience to God, are women's seed, that is, the remnant of God's foot race, who'll live in heaven forever triumphantly, while the culpable experience eternal unendurable pain, as their punishment from God in perdition, 'Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores, but refused to repent of what they had done.' (Rev: 16. 11) Qareen are associated with choice, that is, homosexuality's a bad choice, whereas the fact of Mohamed's being able to convert his qareen spiritually is cogent, as djinn, then angel correlatives, signify a humanly educated choice, whereas obedience to the god of slavery is just that.



 However, genius born from a cold virus, for example, Pneumocystis carinii, is praiseworthy to the prayerful, which is why the good angels aren't associated with plague, while qareen are associated with temptation, as vaccines represent a move forward for the human race; despite the ghoul, who represents the cool fires of alcohol, which deaden the brain, paralyzing the victim, making it difficult to think. For folklorists, ghouls are another type of djinn, useful for subduing the violent; for example, alcohol is a suppressant, while the head of the Gorgon, Medusa, had the power to paralyse, which was the reason for Perseus giving her head to the Greek goddess, Athena, after he'd cut it off, as a boss for the shield of her father god, Zeus, which Athena klept. That genius/genies inspire, whatever the circumstances, is evident, whereas angels are for good choices only, is development beyond desist, diseased, and deceased. Damn it, stop, is how slavers deny humans immortality, as they prefer a death race, while genus endure; per ardua astra.



 As the Greek wars, against the Persian Empire of Darius (499-49 B.C.), for example, institutionalized homosexuality, Greek fires were the consequence. The inventiveness of the Greeks in war was carefully documented by the poet Homer, in his Iliad (760-10 B.C.), for example, where the Greeks are depicted hiding inside a hollow wooden horse, outside the gates of the city of Troy, in Asia Minor, later modern Hisarlik, Turkey's Çanakkale Province, Troad region peninsula, at the mouth of the Dardanelles straits to the Aegean sea, from the sea of Marmara further inland, waiting for the unsuspecting Trojans to take the butthole to the citadel, before emerging to 'sack' the city; a euphemism for castration, and enslave the host wombs of the women for the Greek virus of homosexuality in pederasty's wars against women's seed.



 That the fire's Greek was evident in the adoption by computer software companies, in the late 20th century, of the term 'Trojan' for 'bad machine code' (BMC), written specifically with the aim of destroying processors. The labeling of such BMCs, as virus, wasn't merely a symptom of AIDS fears, but a description of the functioning of the military genius of the Greeks, whose homosexual fires, though destructively evil, were inspirational, that is, genius was born from the ashes of those cold fires, with the creation of anti-virus software, greeted as a necessary evil by users of the computer age.



 Russia's Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), reformed as the Russian Federation, after giving independence in 1991 to many of the former Republics of the USSR (CCCP), which were countries that, 'liberated' during WWII, were similarly defeated by the Red Army, refusing to leave Eastern Europe, after the capture of Germany's capital city, Berlin. Africa's DR Congo had effectively been a Russian 'soviet satellite' state, dependent and in thrall, which made it possible for the KGB, where Putin was a former lieutenant colonel, to conduct research into 'biological weapons' there.



 After 1983's discovery of AIDS in Africa's DR Congo, researchers labeled it a mutant variant of simian immune deficiency virus (SIV), which 'monkey disease', also transmitted by heroin addicts, who often unwittingly shared the infected needles on their hypodermic injection syringes, was presciently prophesied, in the lyrics of the songs of 'pop' musicians, such as Phil Collins' 'Man On The Corner' (1981), from the progressive rock group Genesis' album, Abacab, '... like a monkey on your back, you need it.'5 Implicitly suggesting the human species was being slaved by homosexuals, as a monkey on its back, lamented the absence of some heroine of the type of the 1960s permissive society, like French movie star, Brigitte Bardot, And God Created Woman (1956), a more legitimate symbol of human love, advancing not as a mutation.



 That SARS-2 emerged in the land of chi, that is, the dragon fires of the Chinese, suggests further Cold War communist research into how genies were born from cold virus. Although genius was the result of brain activity, the human spirit's subsequent slaving in vampirism ensured the organic brain's redundancy, while the spirit body remained in thrall to slavery as a genie. The most infamous draco voivode, that is, dragon adminstration, common in Central, South Eastern, and Eastern Europe, was 15th century Vlad Dracul III of Wallachia, later modern Romania, neighbor of the Ukraine, a model for Irish writer Bram Stoker's 1897 novel of a vampire in the Transylvanian region, Dracula, whose immortal life, as a parasitical drinker of blood from the necks of his human victims, was similarly a metaphor for brain slavery. Dracul impaled his enemies on wooden stakes, driven through their anuses, and out of the tops of their skulls, in a way reminiscent of how the human immune deficiency virus (HIV), resulting from a mutant strain of simian immune deficiency virus (SIV), through homosexual AIDS' transmissions, collapsed the organs of the body, killing the brain.

 Despite causing rapid advances in medical science, attacked by something borne from the virus of hell, the human race was expiring from inspiring. Although the 'incurable killer disease', AIDS, remained so, science produced several vaccine variants for coronaids, which appeared successful, in that the epidemic, which killed upwards of 6,000,000 people globally, slowed dramatically. Former 'spymaster' with the KGB, Putin's election in 1999 suggested the Cold War was the inspiring of a vampire's virus upon human nature's innate genius. Symptoms of SARS were flatulence, and brain damage, resulting in ex-buyer rings; those not able to buy in sufficient quantities from suppliers, '... so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name [as the false profit lived investments].' (Rev: 13. 17) As a first stage missile launched flammable gas, followed by a second stage launched missile fierily igniting it, causing a vacuum, terminally forcing oxygen from the lungs, that is, expiring, TOS was the conventional equivalent of coronaids, that is, the Red Army was tossing grenades, based on AIDS/SARS, researched, and KGB-inspiring bio-chemical engineered debilitation and re-enslavement of human brainpower on the verge of liberated independence from wage slavery's buy rings.



 Though flatulence was notably a symptom of SARS, its function was equivalent to that of fierily ignited TOS hand coronaids, which was how the Russians masturbated, that is, provoked, the Ukrainians. As SARS virally ignited, through inspiring, the expiring evinced shock, as each olfactory system, having encountered the nasally ingested virus, experienced implosion. While the sound of heavy farting, functioning as an early warning system, flooded the cranial regions of the brain with dread, the regions of the Ukrainians were similarly filled with heavy fighting in the red face of Putin's army.

 While thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a medical condition, exacerbated by masturbation, that is, the chest, crushed and malformed, experiences breathing difficulties, through anxiety, or panic attacks, deriving from guilt, and/or feelings of inadequacy, conducive to SARS infection, Putin's TOS was a well-thought-out joke. US' deployment over Vietnam of 'Agent Orange' (1961-71), as a defoliant, sprayed from helicopters, and Fairchild C-123 Provider aircraft, against populations they called 'gooks', was a similar joke, based on the fact that the gooks wouldn't be able to, if all of their food was destroyed, and a napalm attack gooked them nicely anyway, so demonstrating that the human race was a Custer's pie, written by the Earth's combined military farces.

 In cordon bleu terms, Putin's 'chicken Kiev', the dish named for the Ukraine's capital, was clearly designed to rival US' President Richard Milhous Nixon's canard à l'orange. Nixon, a Republican, resigned his second consecutive term in office as President, on August 9th, 1974, in a furore over the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the equivalent of Russia's KGB, cover up of a break-in at the Washington, D.C., Democratic National Committe headquarters Watergate Office Building, on June 17th, 1972, funded by the Committee for the Re-Election of the President, that is, Nixon, who'd wanted to be apprised of the Democrats' campaign plan to elect George McGovern to the Presidency.

 For the military, operations have a culinary tendency, whereas intelligence is spicey. Alone with a woman, and the expensive perfume, spikenard, Jesus was accused by Judas of holding out on the disciples. Despite Jesus' mild admonishment, Judas reported Jesus to the Jewish secret service, later Mossad, 'Leave her alone.' (Mk: 14. 6) It was Judas' spy canard, while the CIA's was Agent Orange, that is, duck à l'orange, and although the Vietnamese tried, just as Christianity attempted to try the Jewish Pharisees, the Vietnamese couldn't try the CIA, while the KGB's SARS was difficult for the flambéed Ukrainians to *uck.



 That the CIA's Agent Orange was designed to make the Vietnamese duck, vit nau cam, references a planned nuclear bombing of military and economic sites around the North Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, with the Whitehouse codename, 'Duck Hook'.6 Named for a fairground attraction, in which there were prizes for hooking a sitting duck in the water, it was cancelled in 1969, as public opinion turned against Nixon's Republican administration, elected on January 20th. Ducks have wings, and although the last remaining Russian Kiev-class aircraft carrier afloat, sold to India in 2013, Vikramāditya, 'Brave as the Sun', effectively became a 'Bombay duck', the Kievan Rus' were chicken SARS. Unable to fly further away than Moscow's Kremlin, they laid their eggs where they'd lived, which meant Putin's TOS 1 or 2 was ill-advised.

 The Vietnamese version of duck à l'orange is with additional aromas and spices, although Phan Thị Kim Phúc's canard was she wasn't fit to be seen immolated on camera, during the Nixon Presidency. However, when her nude 'photo virally appeared, titled 'The Terror of War', for Pulitzer Prize winner, in Spot News Photography, 1973, Associated Press' Ut, in the post-Douglas A-1E Skyraider sortie's aftermath, Phúc was any palm's girl, sautéed, 'bounced', tossed.

 While everyone perforce wore face masks, covering nose and mouth, from December 2019, to prevent the heavy phlegm virus from being the throne of sputum's SARS, Russia's Puti (LatGen. 'of') was preparing his coronaids' hand, musing on that 'photo pf Phúc's ass. That vampires live up the anus, transmitted there by homosexuals, as the virus of a draco, where they slave the human brain, as that witch fires their genies, has logic inescapable. As djinn are legendarily born from cold fires, it's likely that the genius of the human brain is what's called ch'in in Chinese, that is, genies, whereas the flame throwing dragon is a metaphor for the vampire which, born from cold virus', and living in the flue of the addicted smoker's chimney, brain slaves its vent act.

 Putin's invasion of the Ukraine was the equivalent of an invasion of the human cranial regions, with brain slaving as the unspoken military objective of the Red Army's deployment of the TOS 1 and 2 heavy flamethrower system, corresponding to the 'red dragon' (Rev: 12. 4) of John, the disciple of Jesus, in his apocalyptic vision of the future, Revelation, ‘A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.’ (Rev: 12. 1) The Ukraine of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was about to apply for membership of the European Union (EU), with its blue flag of twelve stars, when Putin's Red Army invaded, 'The dragon stood before the woman, who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it was born.' (Rev: 12. 4) It was an attempt to abort 'the Second Coming' of Jesus. Born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, Jesus was God's foot, but the freedom women's seed afforded to women wasn't wanted by the alien invader, as it'd interfere with the enslaving of the human host womb.

 As women are capable of sexually reproducing without men, John's prophecy is of 'he who will rule the nations with an iron scepter', that is, men will be forced to accept brainpower produced from women's seed, as salvation, in accordance with Jesus' basic precept, 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.' (Mk. 12. 31) Brainpower, for the development of immortality, through medical science, and starship technology, for the colonization of the planets amongst the stars of heaven, is what women's human seed was for. However, as draco vampire are for enslaving the host wombs of the human race, AIDS/SARS' symptoms were signs of brain damage purposefully inflicted. Unable to escape, from the dark cage of a mind closed by male eons, was the fate of women's seed, before Jesus' teaching of the Holy Spirit, while the response of atheistic communism was Putin's Red Army, threatening the Earth with a New Dark Age of 'blood plague' (Rev: 11. 6), lest it's choose escape.


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