This Species Isn't Exterminated Enough So They Can Play With It

30/09/2018 10:01

This Species Isn't Exterminated Enough So They Can Play With It


The concept of the alien has long been established in fiction, movies, and phenomenological research designed to prove the non-existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Although the argument is that research into ET is about proof, the secrecy surrounding UFOs, etc., indicates that the aim is to deny, rather than affirm. Consequently, the objective is to extinguish, which is what the human race is experiencing: extinction. Though God is identifiable as the help that human nature seeks, God is also identifiably alien, that is, non-human, which makes the extinguishing of belief in God and ETs much easier for a mass media devoted to propaganda.



 The basic teaching of Jesus ‘Christ’, the Jewish Messiah, whose followers called themselves ‘Christians’, was: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ (Mk: 12. 31) Christ, Jesus, was taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem during the occupation of Jewish Palestine by the Roman Empire to where he was nailed to a cross of wood and died there for ‘dissidence’. Born of his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus was uncontaminated by male semen, that is, he was ‘woman’s seed’, and although women aren’t thought capable of sexually reproducing with each other, futanarian women have their own penis’ semen. Consequently, Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigured that of ‘woman’s seed` freed from host womb slavery to men’s wars: ‘Surely, this was the son of God.’ (Matt: 27. 54) Mary, that is.



 Men and women constitute a single male brained creature wearing each other’s clothes as a transvestite ‘TV’ manufactured for an alien to watch killing itself, whereas women are by nature a single unmarried species innocent of religious concepts of adultery, which is used by the alien enslaver to define sex as evil because encouraging of adultery, whereas the single species of ‘woman’s seed` is only adulterated by men. Consequently, religious notions of adultery, as Jesus points out, are based on the alien enslaver’s conditioning of the enslaved to believe that sex is evil, and therefore immoral, because it’s encouraging of adultery, which for women as a single unadulterated race doesn’t exist: ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ (John: 8. 7)



 Throughout the Bible, which is a compendium of Jewish religious belief, that is, the Torah and Talmud, which is the history and law of the Jews called Old Testament by the Christians, and the New Testament based on the teaching of the Jewish ‘Christ’, the Messiah, Jesus, ‘Babylon’ is a euphemism for evil. Founded c. 4000 B.C., Babylon was the capital city of the Empire of Persia, described by Jesus’ disciple, John, in his apocalyptic Revelation of the future as, ‘Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ (Rev: 17. 5) John was describing the future, and that district of Hollywood, city of Los Angeles, on the west coast of the United States of America, which is described as the capital of the world’s mass media, is ‘Babylon’ to Christian morality, because of its obsession with dramatizations of war and death.



 To the extent that wars and disasters are the mainstay of its mass media output, Hollywood is ‘Babylon’, although the reason for the Persian Babylon’s being described as an anathema relates to the host womb slaving of women for war. In ancient Greece host womb enslavement of women for homosexuality in pederasty for war was institutionalized. By the late 20th century, the modern successors of the Greeks, that is, the ‘geeks’, had devised ‘bad machine code’ to infect and kill computer brains. The computer virus was based on homosexuality in pederasty’s ‘biological weapon’, HIV/AIDS, an ‘incurable killer disease’ discovered by DR Congo in Africa in 1983 transmitted by homosexuals mixing blood, shit and semen in each other’s anus in sterile mockery of women’s mode of sexual reproduction. Rising up the spine to kill the brain, HIV/AIDS, gave the nihilistic ‘geeks’ the idea of a virus to kill computer brains, so extinguishing human endeavor and/or reducing it to futility.



 Although Hollywood, ‘Babylon’, grew in economic power through its depictions of alien invaders being repulsed by Earth, the truth was that the alien was here, and it was men. The many armed demons of its armies were everywhere upon the Earth, and its icy BEMs (Bug-Eyed Monsters) were ready to launch their weapons (ICBMs), in a last homosexual frenzy of masturbatory ejaculation at the extinction of ‘woman’s seed`. Intercontinental ballistic missiles were aimed at destroying the Earth, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 17. 5) Despite US’ protestations that movies in which the alien invader was repulsed were metaphors for the measures needed to be taken against global socialism, the total absence of human beings, that is, the human futanarian species of ‘woman’s seed`, and her civilizations, cultures and art, from mainstream mass media representation, proved that an alien invader was engaged in the process of exterminating the human race, and that it was helped treacherously by the men of Earth, who’d made humanity into an alien ‘TV’ for Hollywood, ‘Babylon’, to promote ‘TV war’, so producing a ‘snuff film’ for an alien to watch.



 ‘No taxation without representation’1 was basic to notions of democracy and freedom in the USA when it was used as a slogan by the colonists to obtain independence from the British Empire of George III in 1776. However, the suppression of ‘woman’s seed` by Hollywood, Babylon, through its mass media Empire, suggests that the human race has been taxed without representation by an alien invader at least since the establishment of the 1934 ‘Hays code` by William Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association (MPPDA), which made it clear that futanarian women weren’t ever to be seen in the mass media, because their sexual nature resisted adulteration by ‘devil’ men: `... women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`2 No love scenes unless the ‘foot’, that is, the human futanarian species of ‘woman’s seed`, has been ‘put down’, an idiomatic expression for the extinguishing of animal life by a veterinarian. Without ‘woman’s seed` there aren’t any humans, so the ‘remnant’ of ‘woman’s seed` is being taxed ‘without representation’ by devils.



 The science fiction film, Extinction (2018), extrapolates the idea that there aren’t any humans upon the Earth. Actor Michael Peña as Peter has nightmares in which there are confrontations with an unknown alien enemy. Invading spaceships open fire on his city, causing significant damage to his building. A soldier, dressed in insectoid-looking armor, breaks in through a wall. The soldiers reveal that Peter’s wife, actress Lizzy Caplan as Alice, is an android, along with everyone else. The `synths’, who have begun to develop lifelike responses and emotions, had driven the humans off the Earth when there was an attempt to ‘decommission’ the androids, but the humans have returned. A soldier, actor Israel Broussard as Miles, explains that the humans have been living on the planet Mars, and other off-Earth colonies, where they’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that synths are animals, which seems to be meant as Hollywood Babylon’s actual explanation of its devil men’s merciless suppression of the human futanarian species of ‘woman’s seed`. Peter is consoled in the knowledge that Miles feels sympathetic towards the synths as the extinction of the human species of ‘woman’s seed` is reduced to the significance of an emoticon, while a question remains unasked: who paid that ax?


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