The Number of a Man

21/11/2023 02:18

The Number of a Man


The apocalyptic vision of the disciple of Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, John, was of a future that has baffled scholars of the New Testament of the Bible, originally conceived as the Torah and Talmud, that is, the history and law of the Jews, adopted as the Old Testament of their Bible by the Christians, after the acceptance of the teaching of Jesus as superseding Judaism, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ (Mk: 12. 31) What self Jesus advocated the love of is almost secondary for most people who perceive themselves as neighbors to be loved by the self-sacrificer, which is how Jesus is represented to the people by Christianity from the pulpits of its churches. However, Jesus was killed, that is, sacrificed like an animal, rather than sacrificing himself, which apart from being forbidden by Judaic law, that is, the sacrifice of human life as a form of god worship, which the Romans of that time practised almost constantly, for example, the Roman Emperor in the time of Jesus, Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 A.D.), was believed a god by the Romans, is a falsehood. Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension to heaven after his death rather illustrates this, than confirming human sacrifice as acceptable to God, the creator, who forbade it, according to the Jews.



 The corroborative narrative of Jesus’ life by the disciples, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which is what the New Testament is mainly comprised of, is primarily concerned with humans, for example, during the wedding at Cana, Jesus makes the guest’s wine from water, whereas on the road to Gadarene he turns swine into water, as he casts demons from a man into swine, ‘My name is Legion.’ (John: 8. 7) As the legions of Rome were then occupying Jewish Palestine, demons were a metaphor for the Romans, who effectively possessed the Jews as slaves. Just what demons are was a subject for the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated to the Prophet Mohamed, according to Moslem tradition, by the angels of God, who created men, angels, and djinn, who had free will, like humans, whereas angels were directed by God. There were good djinn, and evil djinn, corresponding to demons; for example, Iblis was a Shaitan djinn, who according to the Koransūrat l-baqarah (2. 34), ‘The Cow’, refused to bow before the first man created by God, Adam, whereas Satan, in the Old Testament, was an angel turned into a serpent by God for rejecting God’s plan that the human host would be greater than the angelic.



 That Shaitan djinn are a type is used to condemn all Shaitan djinn as evil, whereas only Iblis, deemed only to have the power to whisper in the ears of humans, corresponds to Satan, who tempted Eve to ‘eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, which it was death to taste, saying ‘You shall be as gods.’ (Gen: 3. 5) God expelled the woman, Eve, and the first man, Adam, from the paradise of Eden, for rejecting the ‘fruit of the tree of life’, that is, immortality, but God told Eve her ‘seed’ would prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.’ (Gen: 3. 15) The meaning is that humans wouldn’t be evil animals in the future, which is why John’s vision of the future includes the baffling observation, ‘Let he that has wisdom have understanding. The number of a man is the number of the beast and his number is six hundred three score and six.’ (Rev: 13. 8) 666 is ⅔, that is, 66%, which is the number of men and women; if God means women’s seed are redeemed through Jesus’ execution nailed to a cross on the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem for being with a woman.



 Born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus was uncontaminated by male semen, to illustrate the fact that women have penis’ semen of their own, as the futanarian ‘foot’ of their race, which is hermaphroditic, so constituting the missing ⅓, which would exponentially reproduce from their own host wombs to escape the slavery of the ‘beast’, living as a parasite from their species, if they were able to breed. Moreover, as men and women are a single male brained creature bred as a transvestite ‘TV’ wearing each other’s clothes, it’s a manufactory’s ‘snuff’ movie of the human foot race, that is, human extinction is what the manufacturer is for watching as its television (TV). The ‘beast’ is a man because men prefer 666, ‘Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.’ (Rev: 16. 11) What they’d done was castrate the human futanarian species of women’s seed to watch themselves snuff it for their entertainment in ‘TV wars’, where snuff means kill, as a candle flame is snuffed out between a wet thumb and forefinger, although the term was adapted by men who make movies of real life killings for retailing as entertainment, which is what real-life TV wars are.



 That the pig is a forbidden animal in Judaism and also in Islam, which is the Moslem religion, based on the teachings of the Koran, effectively makes the pig a sacred animal, which it isn’t in Christianity. Although Christians have repugnance for some creatures, for example, the locust, which is eaten as a honeyed delicacy amongst Africans, during the swarms of the insect, and the Moslems eat the eyes of sheep, which is viewed by some Christians with horror, as their churches call their parishioners flocks, and their pastors are shepherds of their congregations as sheep, the farther Eastern religions in making animals sacred, for example, the cow amongst India’s Hindu people, while the many armed gods and goddesses of Buddhism, founded by northern India’s Gautama Buddha in the 5th century, as well as Hinduism, based on the Vedas (c. 1500-500 B.C.), indicate worship of the microcosm, that is, insectoid life forms, suggests that these peoples would rather sacrifice humans and eat them as food, rather than that the animal should be killed and eaten, which is why Christians prefer themselves to Judaism, as they’d rather eat bacon and pork than view swine as somehow saintly, which the ‘beast’ isn’t, although it’s been bred to walk on two legs as a well-balanced bipedal.



 Although it’s logical for the Hindus and the Buddhists to lower their gaze to look at the world of insects in order to get closer to the atomic particle world of cosmic secrets, it isn’t sensible to have insects at the center of worship, for example, in John’s Revelation, ‘… the locusts looked like horses prepared for battle, with something like crowns of gold on their heads, and faces like the faces of men. They had hair like that of women, and teeth like those of lions. They also had thoraxes like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the roar of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. They had tails with stingers like scorpions, which had the power to injure people for five months.’ (Rev: 9. 7-11) Here the consequences of reifying insects is made clear. Instead of being eaten in honey, as the Africans are wont to do, the locusts are become terrifying air powers, like the US air force, for example, which dropped napalm onto villages in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, during that war (1955-75) against East Asian communism; an inflammable jelly-like substance, which clung to flesh and burned, that is, ‘tails with stingers like scorpions’.



 When the Russians invaded the Ukraine on February 24th 2022 it was with their TOS, a heavy flamethrower system, but for medical science TOS is thoracic outlet syndrome, that is, ‘thoraxes with breastplates of iron’ refers obliquely to the Russian ‘Red Army’, as the world then recovering from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the symptoms of which were flatulence, death, and brain damage, was weak enough to be assaulted by a missile launched flammable vapor that, ignited, caused humans to be ex-stinked. Although the medical solution to TOS is a relatively simple surgical procedure in which a portion of the rib can be removed to make breathing easier, snuff movie moguls obviously prefer flatulence, death, and brain damage. To any medical practitioner, Russian President 'floored 'em 'ere' Putin was suffering from TOS.

 That the human system was weakened by AIDS, the ‘blood plague’ (Rev: 11. 6), before SARS emerged as the virally devouring ‘red dragon’ (Rev: 12. 4) at a Wuhan city hospital, Hubei Province, ‘land of the dragon’, China, and that AIDS resulted from homosexuals spreading the mutant simian immune deficiency virus (SIV) to humans (HIV), suggests that the collapse of the organs of the body, and brain death from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), as a consequence of contracting HIV, is through men’s relations with their pets, for example, apes, which are distinct from humans in that they’re characterized as dragging their knuckles on the ground, rather than standing erect as balanced adult bipedal humans, that is, in the West the pet is reified as sacred, which of course extends to nascent infancy, where the pre-toddler is sanctified, like the newborn Jesus, while the snuff movie mogul only understands it’s a pre-snuff sacred animal, which isn’t to be eaten, but rather sacrificed, as Jesus was, on the altar of evil, because it wasn’t upright to begin with, ‘The dragon stood before the woman, who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12. 4) Although the woman has ‘a crown of twelve stars’, correlating with the stars on the blue flag of the European Union, which the Ukraine sought to become a member state of, before being invaded by the Russian Federation, the meaning is that, even if men aren’t breeding humans as animals for food, they are breeding humans for slaughter, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) Just as the Germans of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, elected in 1933, led by Adolf Hitler, waging World War Two (1939-45) to enslave Europe, after Kaiser Wilhelm II’s first attempt (1914-18), built ‘ovens’ to incinerate the Jews, so Putin’s ‘red dragon’ of communist atheism brought men closer to BBQ in the Ukraine, which wasn’t what Eve’s seed were for.



 Men didn’t eat their pets, and the animals; they made them more human. However, first they castrated the human race, so that it couldn’t breed, and then they’d watch it die as snuff, which is the reason for God’s punishment for men, described in the New Testament as ‘perdition’, that is, ‘eternal unendurable pain’. Although the evil would claim that they’re immortal, because they’re men, they’d have to be eternal in order to experience God’s punishment. Despite claiming that virus are immortal, so men are too, as they’re the virus of hell living from women’s seed, that is, fierily on the flesh of the human BBQ, it isn’t likely to assure God of anything other than the eternity of the fires already determined as being for their guilt.

 Although Islam isn’t Christianity, there’s a belief in the fires of hell, while the wheel of karma, that is, punishment for the crimes committed in a former lifetime, fierily burns for Hindu and Buddhist, who might be reincarnated as an animal if their crimes are of such magnitude, which means they’d be a part of the food chain in the chain of being consumed virally by the parasite upon women’s seed if God’s plan for redemption wasn’t ineffable. The Moslem believers pray on their carpet, which is where mites, like spiders, live. The parallels with the many armed gods and goddesses of the Hindus and Buddhists are evident, that is, mites are close to the nanoboticists’ goal of making unimaginably tiny machines to engineer the universe at the molecular level, and injected like anti-virus serum from a syringe, even repair the damaged human body and/or brain, while the fact that the Middle East is mainly desert, where the heat of the sun produces silicate glass-like formations from molten sand, makes that region of Islam, like the San Francisco Bay Area’s ‘Silicon Valley’ in the United States’ northern state of California, a hi-tech center for innovation for microchip engineers in computer science technology praying for nano assistance from the magic carpet beneath their feet.



Although it’s evident that Hindu, Buddhist and Moslem pray to mites, they’re animals to be eaten, as the locusts are honeyed delicacies for Africans, rather than ‘chariots rushing into battle’, as John saw they shouldn’t become. As carpets are conceived as special in Islam, mites are, that is, the Moslems, like the Hindus and Buddhists, have conceived the mite as a sacred creature, that is, a power, rather than a food, which means that a computer terminal is where the termites hold sway, and mine to undermine, ‘The days of our years are threescore years and ten.’ (Ps: 90. 10) The computer industry, and the airlines (aliens), with their airport (abort) terminals for those seeking to escape being penned in, ensure slaughtered humanity isn’t living long enough to grow older and wiser to the extinction pogrom of the serpent’s seed, but rather lives a fixed term, monitored by the mite of the nano, designed by the roboticist; to drain the sands of time from the hour glass figures of women and their seed.

 Although global conglomerate pharmaceutical companies, such as Switzerland’s Roche and the USA’s Johnson & Johnson, are clearly responsible in advocating prolonged, and therefore expensive, as well as ultimately final treatments, rather than outright regenerative cure alls, the subjugation of women’s seed, perhaps corresponding to a former age of the machine, created by human brainpower, that is, a djinn age, which also may yet be to come, and was heralded by Jesus’ birth from the Virgin Mary, represented as crushing the head of the serpent in Christian iconography, as all women are for djinn, Eve’s seed of the futanarian species of hermaphroditic women for the sexual reproduction of intelligence, is primarily facilitated by the mass media, centered upon the Hollywood district of the city of Los Angeles, West coast state of California, where the human penis has been banned since the President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, introduced the ‘Hays code’ of 1930, `... women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`1 Although the ban was lifted for the romantic comedy, featuring actress Jane Fonda and actor Robert Redford, as the naked and in bed together newly wed couple, Corie and Paul Bratter, in a New York city apartment almost overlooking Central Park, Barefoot in the Park (1967) ‘cocked a snoot’ at the idea of women’s foot race ever being seen naked and humanly erect for mainstream cinema and TV audiences, thereby effectively decapitating the human species, which would never know that was how the alien brain eaters had feasted on their race as the ‘food of the gods’ in vampirism.

 Typical of the Hollywood movie is King Kong (1933), which has been remade several times since, because of its archetypal power to enthrall an audience hypnotically. The focus is Fay Wray, as the diminutive blonde in the palm of the giant ape, Kong, whose actress’ name was doubtless chosen to resemble ‘fairy’. The other main protagonist, apart from the actors, is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, more commonly known to have been found on the continent of Larimidia, later modern North America, in the Maastrichtian age of the Upper Cretaceous period (68-66 M.a) of Earth’s history of reptiles and carnivorous raptor dinosaurs, while a sequence cut from early versions of the film contains the third major protagonist, the nest of tarantula spiders in a ravine, which the English fantasist J. R. R. Tolkien in his children’s novel of creatures that live in a variety of holes, The Hobbit (1937), first intimates are the parents of his fairy folk.

Although Kong is a pre-AIDS character, it’s obvious that he’s the animal Kongdom, that is, the ‘incurable killer disease’ mustn’t be transmitted from apes to humans, while the tarantula spiders and the T. Rex are a Dracula motif, derived from the eponymous character of Irish writer Bram Stoker’s novel, based on the real-life 15th century Prince Vlad Dracul III of Wallachia, later modern Romania, who impaled his victims on wooden stakes, driven through their anus, and into their brain, much in the same way homosexuals transmit AIDS through infected penis semen. As the word for ‘folk’ in Romanian is taran, while the word for ‘church’ in neighboring Hungary, long time claimant to the Romanian region of Transylvania, where many Magyar still live, home of the fictional Dracula, is gyülekezeteKing Kong and films of similar cinema ilk are, for the age of the snuff video, Dracula cassettes for vampires, for example, in the movie, Nosferatu (1922), there’s the character in a mental hospital, R. M. Renfield, portrayed by actor Alexander Granach, who consumes spiders for their blood, as he’s an incarcerated vampire, which implies that Kong’s ‘fairy’, that is, the woman, Fay Wray, is conceived as bred from spiders to feed the vampires, who’re responsible for transmitting AIDS.

 According to Hollywood, that’s what women are for; animal bred. The name given to the vampire type in East, Central, and South Eastern Europe, was draco, that is, ‘dragon’, correlated with Putin’s heavy flamethrower system in the Ukraine: a fire-breathing vampire. Although the protagonist of Stoker’s novel, Dracula (1897), is immortal, a wooden stake driven through his heart, or decapitation, will kill him, which is a metaphor for women’s seed, that is, if women bred with each other, the monster would no longer have a stake in her heart, for example, although the cow is sacred in Hinduism, because it’s believed that the gods and goddesses indwell there, as the mites in the carpets of the Moslems do, ‘The Cow’ sura of the Koran presents the killing of the female principle as instrumental in resurrection. A man is killed by his inheritor, a nephew, who immediately demands vengeance, thereby distancing himself from his crime, and putting himself in position to inherit. After the cow is killed, the dead man is struck with a leg bone of the cow, and asked, ‘Who killed you?’ ‘That man,’ said the victim, then died again, and the nephew was prevented from inheriting. As it’s men, the cow represents women’s seed, and the figures with many arms the multivalent human system’s adaptivity in reaction to virally disharmonious change deleterious to health, killed as the remains of the human species, while the serpent’s seed demoniacally possess the flesh and bones of the creator, God’s creatures and the creation.


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