The Geas Chambers Butt Eye M'Man

21/11/2023 02:40

The Geas Chambers Butt Eye M'Man


Since Eden women have been said to endure a curse, which is associated with pain, during birth, that is, labor, and menstruation, which is that process occurring in their bodies post-ovulation, where non-fertilized ovum are flushed out of the system, characterized by the flow of blood, requiring staunching,1 normatively with a tube of cotton wool inserted into the vagina called a tampon. The woman, Eve, received the curse from the creator, God, while the first man created by God, Adam, was told that he’d have to endure physical labor in order to live, while both would die, as they’d accepted the ‘fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, which it was death to taste, from the angel, Satan, who’d been turned into a serpent and placed by God in the paradise of Eden for rejecting God’s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic. While God had told them to ‘eat only of the fruit of the tree of life’, which was immortality, Eve and Adam were expelled from Eden by God for preferring slavery in ephemerality, ‘You shall be as gods.’ (Gen: 3. 5) That God applied what’s known as a geas to human nature is evident from Eve being told by God that her ‘seed’ will prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.’ (Gen: 3. 15) A geas is a condition, which loosely translates as the first conditional in English language, that is, as Eve’s brainpower is stronger, women will escape God’s geas if they sexually reproduce. As Jewish Midrash describe Adam as a hermaphrodite, the description of Eve’s birth from the side, or rib of Adam, is a euphemism for self-fertilization, that is, Adam was futanarian, which is God’s ‘foot’; or, in other words, Eve’s seed are women’s, whereas men’s more closely approximates to Satan’s in that they’re for slavery, war, plague, and death in ephemerality for women’s seed, who’re loosely definable as evidently inferior, as they’re disabled as host womb slaves, with limited capacity for escape through movement off.



 A geas can be used to force anyone to do anything if sufficiently strong. Most commonly it’s used in parenting, with the possibility of the children’s watching television being withdrawn, if homework isn’t completed, for example, which is how slavery is introduced. Although the Old Testament of the Bible is the Torah and Talmud of the Jews, that is, their history and law, a further geas is found in the New Testament of Christianity, Revelation, which is the apocalyptic future, as envisioned by John, the disciple of Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, founder of the Christian belief system, ‘And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and crying out in the pain and agony of giving birth.’ (Rev: 12. 1-2) The sign is a response to the internecine conflicts of Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, that is, there is a sign.

 The flag of the European Union has twelve stars and the Ukraine was invaded on February 24th, 2022, to prevent it from becoming a member state by the Russian Federation’s communist ‘Red Army’ ordered by its President Vladimir Putin, ‘The dragon stood before the woman, who was about to give birth, so that it might be devoured the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12. 4) Internecine conflicts are characterized by ‘ethnic cleansing’, which is the extermination of minority groups within a larger society, for example, in the Ukraine, Russians are a minority, but a significant part of the population for historical reasons, not limited to the refusal of the Russians to withdraw from the state of Eastern Europe, ‘liberated’ by the Red Army, after the capture of Germany’s capital city of Berlin, at the close of the Second World War (1939-45) to end that nation’s slaving ambitions towards Europe and the rest of the world, are ethnically Russian, which despite Russia’s agreeing to independence for its so-called ‘satellite’ slave states in Eastern Europe after 1991, was used as an excuse to invade the Ukraine and reestablish its vassal state status.

 That Russia is the ‘red dragon’ of Revelation largely depends on an understanding of the adoption of the German economic philosopher Karl Marx’s communism, as outlined in Das Kapital (1868), meant for Russia, after the deposing of Tsar Nicholas II’s oligarchy, during the First World War (1914-18) to defeat Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II’s slaving ambitions, with Vladimir Ilyich ‘Lenin’ leading the October 1917 communist Revolution, which established ‘workers control of the means of production’, as the basis of a societal system of what the Russians called ‘soviets’. The resultant Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which included many of the East European states ‘liberated’ after WWII, but given independence, after the reformulating of the USSR (CCCP) as the Russian Federation in 1991, before and after WWII, operated a gulag system. Labor camps, presided over by dictator Joseph Stalin, and having such a similarity with the ‘concentration camp’ system employed by the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Iraq, distinctions between the fascist and communist systems seemed of a superficial nature only. It was only Germany’s invasion of Russia in June 22nd, 1941’s ‘Operation Barbarossa’ that served to separate the two systems in the universal mind, as Russia had divided Poland with Germany, along a border made up of the Bug river, at the outset of WWII, thereby indicating the natural affinity existing between slaving systems, as devised by Germans.



 It was the German National Socialist (Nazi) Party that, elected in 1933, with Adolf Hitler as Chancellor, employed gas chambers in concentration camps to exterminate ethnic minorities, most noticeably Jews, which suggested that these were geas chambers, that is, ethnic cleansing was an international slaving curse. Although fascist ideology is largely conceived in the public mind as ‘fitness’, appropriate and apposite are more accurate terms to describe fascism’s preoccupations, for example, it’s fit for a carpenter to know how to fashion a joist, whereas it’s fit for a glazier to know how to cut glass, that is, those who profess to be carpenters and glaziers, but aren’t, are ‘unfit’, which from the perspective of ethnic cleansing means ‘unclean’. Or, in other words, Jews aren’t Christians. While thinking unilaterally in the Soviet Union of communist Russia was definable as opposing what’d been determined as fitting, intellectuals were sent to the gulag to be exterminated as unfit and unclean, because they were a threat to the proletariat’s enslaving of intelligence, which was presented as thought correction. What was felt to be a threat to national purity was unclean, a principle assisted by the Moslem peoples of the nations of Islam having the belief that those who weren’t believers in the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated to Mohamed by the angels of God, according to tradition, were unclean.



Although Christianity doesn’t have a prohibition against eating ham, as it’s unclean, according to Judaism and Islam, the perception that Christians are unclean meat on the strength of that isn’t ridiculous as a matter of course. Abiding by rules of cleanliness is what’s necessary for animals who’re to be eaten as food, for example, Moslems will only eat meat that’s halal, that is, without blood, which means the animal has to be cleaned, before it’s fit to be consumed. In short, ethnic cleansing is food preparation, that is, the slavers want to be served by clean food. With that ideological perspective, it’s hardly surprising that the Serbian Christian militia, during the Bosnian war (1992-5), set up ‘rape camps’ for upwards of 70,000 Moslem women to ensure that their progeny were ethnically impure. Bosnia was an Eastern European country that formed part of the communist Yugoslavian ‘superstate’ that collapsed, after the withdrawal of Russia from Eastern Europe in 1991, as the states comprising Yugoslavia were ethnically incompatible, from the perspective of slavers, and hadn’t a Soviet presence any longer in the region to ensure their national integrity.



 As Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, was the ‘seed’ of Eve, Mary’s depicted in Christian iconography as crushing the head of the serpent with her foot. Jesus is a symbol against gender assignment surgery (GAS), that is, the curse or geas, which says that women can’t sexually reproduce with each other as the human futanarian race to colonize the planets amongst the stars of heaven by means of their brainpower. Found with a woman, by his disciple, Judas reported Jesus to the Jewish Pharisees, the religious police, who gave Jesus over to the Romans, then occupying Palestine, in the name of the Emperor, Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 C.E.), despite Jesus’ mild protestation, ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6) Taken to the hill of Calvary, outside the city of Jerusalem, Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood, where he died, but experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of women’s seed, which was the breaking of the geas upon women.

 Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine was characterized by the Red Army’s deployment of the TOS missile launched heavy flamethrower system at the height of the SARS heavy phlegm thrower pandemic which launched a virus, after its emergence from a Wuhan city hospital, in Hubei province, land of the dragon, communist China, in December 2019, that killed millions globally before the World Health Organization (WHO) effectively declared the emergency over in June 2023, after successful vaccines began to be deployed in 2020. Similarities between TOS and SARS, with its symptoms of flatulence (gas) and lung collapse, were evident. The first stage TOS missile launched a flammable gas, ignited fierily by a second stage missile, sucking air from the lungs, as SARS virally collapsed them. That the homosexually transmitted virus, AIDS, was responsible for weakening the human system,2 was identified by scientists.

 However, it was the presence of the Ukraine’s former Soviet neighbor, Romania, where Vlad Dracul III of 15th century Wallachia, model for Irish writer Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula (1897), impaled his victims on stakes of wood, which afforded a clue to the homosexual psyche. AIDS was discovered by Africa’s former communist DR Congo in 1983 transmitted as a mutant variant of the simian immune deficiency syndrome (SIV) by homosexuals injecting infected semen into each other’s anuses in sterile mockery of the act of human sexual reproduction. The human immune deficiency virus (HIV) resulted in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), collapse of the organs of the body, and excruciatingly painful brain death, as if of the very fires of hell. In short, in the case of SARS such anal penetration had released virus into the human system, which former lieutenant colonel of the Russian Committee for State Security (KGB), Vlad, ‘the secret flame thrower’, Putin, developed as TOS, a conventional weapon to complement his biological weapon.

 Conceived as a form of atheism, communism’s invasion of the Ukraine was a Satanical sign of the draco voivode, ‘dragon adminstrator’, which was the regional title of slavers in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, for example, in China the term ‘dragon lord’ was common, after the period of the Zhou (1046-256 B.C.) dynasty’s progress in literature, art and science, gave way to the ‘Warring States’ period, in which the state of Qin prevailed (221 B.C.), and that led to the developing of Mandarin Chinese as the equivalent of a draco voivode, ‘dragon administrator’, language of instruction and obedience, but a concomitant decline in arts and letters, which continued to serve China in its dealings with the rural and urban poor well into the 21st century.

Although SARS 1 (2002-4) was contained, after its emergence from a cave of bats in Yunnan province, China, that Bram Stoker made a correlation between his Transylvanian draco, Dracula, and his capacity to transform himself into a bat, suggests a connection between the fires of a dragon and the virus of a ‘vampire bat’, that is, AIDS/SARS is a vampire slaver. That BAT is British American Tobacco, which is a phlegm thrower itself, in that it induces respiratory problems associated with cigarette smoking, etc., that is, fire-breathing, suggests that the vampire is slavery. Or, if it’s permitted to reify, there’s an entity that’s a vampire and a slaver, which corresponds to biblical notions of Satan. Putin’s cigarette identity is that of the smoker of the penis of women’s seed, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) As a host womb enslaver of the human species, that is, Satan is worshiped, and signs of the draco are indications of that; for example, although Stoker’s Dracula is immortal, it’s killed by a stake through the heart, or decapitation, which is perfectly true if women’s seed breed, as it has no stake in their hearts, and no head if they don’t breed with it.

The human species has been bread since ancient times, as a single male brained transvestite, wearing each other’s clothes, that is, as a manufactured TV, which Jesus’ offer of his body and blood, as bread and wine at the ‘Last Supper’, before his execution, emphasizes. The geas of going without television, that is, TV, if the children don’t do their homework, is a denial of the gas chamber, as gender assignment surgery (GAS), is what wars televised are, which means that the structure of edutainment has to undergo a transformation to promulgate the role of women’s seed. Elsewise, it’s what Jesus’ disciple John foresaw; the TV watching makes the TV watched, `The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.` (Rev: 13. 15) Instead of improving the edutainment system, that is, doing their homework, the children are sent to the gas chamber, which is the slavers’ joke.


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