The Apparition of These Feces In The Crowd

21/11/2023 02:32

The Apparition of These Feces In The Crowd


The appearance of people wearing their breathing masks, which looked like a cod (from Middle English, ‘scrotum’) piece, during the SARS 2 pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide, after its emergence at a Wuhan city hospital, Hubei province, China, was of a population having its nose pulled. Cod pieces were worn in Europe from the 15th-16th centuries, as a genuine device to protect the male genitals, like the ‘athletic cup’ worn by modern athletes, and as a fashion accessory to enhance size or boast of prodigiousness, although the identification between the (widely eaten by humans) cod fish and the penis remained that of a catch, which is the reason for whores being called ‘hookers’, as their role is to keep a fish on the hook for a pimp, who’s but the tip of the iceberg nine tenths below the ship’s waterline of a criminal underworld that wants a house, a car, and the contents of a bank account, as the penis extension on the hook of which the whore’s the bait.



 Masturbating is what master criminals in the ‘undieworld’ use hookers for; masturbate. That the previous HIV/AIDS ‘incurable killer disease’ epidemic persuaded people to wear condoms during sexual activity invoking penis ejaculations of perhaps virus infected semen suggests that the mask that resembles a cod piece was conceived as a similar device for the mouth and nose covered. Moreover, as the women of the Moslem believers in the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated by the angels of God to Mohamed, according to tradition, traditionally wear the one-piece black coverall of the burka publicly to conceal themselves from the adulterous eyes of the infidel, which includes a mask to cover the mouth and nose, AIDS/SARS 2 is interpretable as an Islamic extremist terror weapon aimed at human sexuality as being irreligious.

Although the ritual observances to maintain health and hygiene are emphasized in Judaism, which extends to the idea of certain animals, for example, the pig, being viewed as unclean, whereas the later Christianity, built on Judaic law, rather than principles of cleanliness, has no distinctions about eating food, for the Moslems of the nations of Islam distinctions determining what’s unclean is the basis of their religious practice; for example, as women are deemed unclean during menstruation, which is true also of Judaism, women are believed cursed, as they also are in Judaism, which means that genitalia that have been in contact with women are by definition unclean; even apart from acceptance of the prescribed methods of cleaning, which are religiously enforced.



 Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, who founded Christianity, for example, was betrayed by his disciple, Judas, to the religious police, the Pharisees, who gave him over to the Romans, then occupying Jewish Palestine in the reign of the Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 C.E.), after Judas reported he’d been with a woman, ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6) Despite Jesus’ mild rebuke, he was taken to the hill of Calvary, outside the city of Jerusalem, and nailed to a cross of wood, where he died. However, experiencing Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, Jesus was hailed as having broken the curse, which is the main reason for Christianity’s belief that Jesus’ New Testament teaching superseded the Old Testament of what the Christians call their Bible, as the history and law of the Jews, that is, their Talmud and Torah, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ (Mk: 12. 31) For Christianity, women aren’t unclean animals, because they have genitalia designed to purge the body of unfertilized ovum, in a lunar cycle occurring every 28 days, whereas for Judaism and Islam they are.



The SARS 2 epidemic was an Islamic means to force Christians in the West to wear masks, like their women, as a way of condemning Westerners for being unclean, like women, and occurring during the period of people’s fear of the AIDS virus, that is, sexual intercourse, suggests that both ‘biological weapons’ were used as a means of extinguishing the human race. Islam was founded by Mohamed, descendant of Ishmael, son of Abraham’s slave, Hajer, ‘the Egyptian woman’ (Gen: 16. 1), who was a concubine, whereas Sara, Abraham’s wife, bore Isaac, who founded Judaism, which is based on monogamy, whereas Moslem marriages are permitted four wives. Although Islam is criticized by Judeo-Christianity as retroactively attempting to legitimize Ishmael’s birth, and therefore legitimize Islam, Jesus’ birth, uncontaminated by male semen, from his mother, the Virgin Mary, depicted in Christian iconography as crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, reveals a different perspective.

 The Jews’ creation myth is of the creator, God, turning the angel, Satan, into a serpent for rejecting God’s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic. Despite God’s prohibiting eating fruit from any tree other than ‘the fruit of the tree of life’, that is, immortality, Satan tempted Eve, the woman, with ‘the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, which it was death to taste, saying ‘You shall be as gods.’ (Gen: 3. 5) Expelling Eve, and the first man created by God, Adam, from the paradise of Eden, God told Eve her ‘seed’ would prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.’ (Gen: 3. 15) As Eve is depicted as being created from the rib, or side of Adam, it’s a euphemism for birth from a self-fertilizing hermaphrodite, that is, Eve’s seed is women’s, whose superior human brainpower is foretold as crushing the serpent’s seed of death in ephemeral enslavement for the human race, which is the reason for Jesus being described as the ‘foot’ of God, as women’s seed are a futanarian species, who’re to receive Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, like Jesus, through medicine and space colonization technologies conferring permanence.



 That flatulence was a concomitant of SARS 2, along with brain damage, suggests flammability, that is,  cremation by the virus of hell, which the invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian Federation’s ‘Red Army’ on February 24th, 2022, on the orders of President Vladimir Putin, underlined with its deployment of the TOS (TOC) 1 and 2 heavy flamethrower system, as a main battlefield weapon mounted on T-72 tank chassis, and breathing fire, like a ‘red dragon’ (Rev: 12. 4), from the land of the mythical dragon, China, where the ‘dragon breath’ of SARS 2 had emerged. That Putin was a lieutenant colonel of the KGB, with a network of research facilities globally, based on international acceptance of communism, the political ideology advocated by German Karl Marx in Das Kapital (1868) and embraced by Russia after the October 1917 Revolution, led by Vladimir ‘Lenin’ Ilyich, deposing the oligarch Tsar Nicholas II, suggests that the discovery by then communist nation, DR Congo, of the human variant (HIV) of the simian immune deficiency virus (SIV) being spread by homosexuals impaling each other’s anuses on their penis, resulting in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), organ collapse, and excruciatingly painful brain death, along with the SARS 2 virus emergence in communist China, and the Islamic Jihad, declared by the Independent State of Iraq in Syria (ISIS), followed by the election, as Caliph of a putatively global Islamic Caliphate, Iraq’s Abu Bakr al-baghdadi, was a communist plot.



 Before 1991’s acceptance of Russia that the nations they’d occupied in Eastern Europe, subsequent to defeat of German slaving ambitions in World War Two (1939-45), receive independence, for example, the Ukraine, the reformed Russian Federation was known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR/CCCP), which incorporated six majority population Moslem states, that is, the SSR’s of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan (seventh largest country in the world), Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, known as ‘the Stans’, and identified as the source of the plague called the ‘black death’ (1346-53) in the Middle Ages, as well as being the hosts of secret KGB centers conducting research into how the knowledge represented by Moslem proscriptions with regard to health and hygiene could be used in the development and deployment of biological weapons.



 It is written in the Koran that Allah, which is the Moslem term for God, as Eloah is a term for God used by the Jews, created men, angels, and djinn, who’re a category of being best known for the Shaitan djinn Iblis’ refusal to bow before Adam. Although there are several categories of djinn, it’s the Shaitan, Iblis, who corresponds to Satan in Judeo-Christianity. The fact that Iblis is depicted as having only the power to whisper is in accordance with the perception that djinn have free will, which also accords with the observation that the higher djinn represent hygiene, that is, evil djinn are demons that aren’t hygienic, which is what would have interested the KGB, as acceptance of corruption requires an ear, for example, without acceptance of homosexuality, the queers can’t get in the rear.

That modern science gave ear to the hypothesis that ‘cold fusion’ was a possible generator of cheap energy in the form of heat, etc., requiring strong faith in its believers, implicitly accepted djinn, as did the phenomenon of ‘spontaneous combustion’, where people and objects were countenanced as having been incinerated without noticeable cause. Russia’s missile launched TOS heavy flamethrower system’s first stage is a flammable vapor, reminiscent of SARS 2 flatulence, which virally causes extinction, whereas TOS fierly causes extinction, although similarly taking the breath away and collapsing the lungs, which suggests the 20th century bane of ‘ethnic cleansing’, that is, pogroming against ethnic minorities.

 Putin’s explanation for invading the Ukraine was that there were Russians there, which is an appeal for accepting his slaving army on the pretext that the Ukrainians were viewing Russians as ethnically ‘unclean’. For racists, the SARS 2 virus was like the V-2 Vergeltungswaffe (Retaliation) rocket, launched by Germany’s Nazis, against London and the South of England, at the beginning of the liberation of Europe by allied invasion on D-Day 6th June, 1944. Ethnic minorities would be cremated by the virus of hell, for example, the Cossacks in the Ukraine, as odoriferous unclean women’s flammable flatulence, or be incinerated by Putin’s TOS, as a more honorable death, befitting a people with the spirits of warriors.

 In the West ‘toss’ is a term for masturbate, as the ejaculate is tossed off the penis, which suggests that Putin’s TOS is a taunt at the ‘Zaporozhsky’ host, who’re traditionally a nomadic people, rather than farmed on farms by farmers. Nicknamed ‘Buratino’, after the version of Pinocchio (1883) by Italy’s Carlo Collodi, The Golden Key (1936), written by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy, whose nose doesn’t get longer if he lies, TOS is meant to symbolize Putin’s nose’ veracity in smelling out the flammable SARS virus, rather than the range of his conventional weapon, although that there’s a pimp pulls on his nose is likely. The nose pieces, which the people of the globe were required to wear, as a public measure to prevent the SARS 2 virus from prematurely cremating their innards, was a sign that they were considered no species by the pimps.

 TOS 1 and 2 are nose Scud pieces, where Scud were R-series Elbrus tactical ballistic missiles, developed by the Soviet Union, during the ‘Cold War’, which was a term used not to describe a virus deployed as a biological weapon, but to the period of pressure placed upon the USSR by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), particularly those nations capable of delivering nuclear warheads, that is, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, prior to Russia’s agreeing to restore independence to Eastern Europe in 1991. That the Ukrainian people were being accused of being cows led by the nose to be farmed, while they chewed pieces of cud, seems likely, that is, nose Scud pieces, a missile called ‘Burkan’ by Middle East adapters,1 is the slaving terror weapon that the masks were worn ostensibly to protect the wearers from.

 That the Burkan missile was developed by ٱلْحُوثِيُّون al-Ḥūthīyūn, called Ansar Allah, ‘Supporters of God’, an Islamist political and armed movement emerging in Saada Governorate, North Yemen, opposed to perceived corruption in the US and Saudi backed regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and led by Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, which launched a Burkan-1 missile against King Fahd International airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on September 2nd, 2016, suggests the high regard Islamic extremism has for the burka as a means of delivering weapons to their targets. During the Gulf War to depose President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, who’d publicly evinced approbation for the Al Qaeda terror group, operating out of Afghanistan, led by Saudi business heir, Osama Ben Laden, hijacking civil airliners to crash into New York city’s Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on Manhattan island, September 11th, 2001, which resulted in President George W. Bush ordering the US army to invade in March 2003, burka women were ‘suicide bombers’. That the burka is used as a slave breather, as tribes are a collective, whose consanguineous connection, as a minority, makes their women the biological equivalent of a sacks ‘phone, which requires ‘circular breathing’ to play, defines it as capable of delivering the torments of plague aims directed by ethnic cleansers. The SARS 2 virus, as the hypothetical equivalent of the Nazi V-2, is a nose Scud, which variants such as ‘Omicron’, adapted to eradicate specific ethnic groups, are how slave breathing is implemented and targets are chosen.

 The war with Yemen, which launched 170 missiles against Saudi targets from 2015-18, is viewed as a proxy dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran; a source of volatile religious extremism, since the February 11th, 1979, deposing of the US’ backed Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in favor of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, while the wearing of the burka publicly is invariably an issue, for example, in Afghanistan the notoriously misogynist Moslem Taliban regime publicly executed women for exposing their faces. That the SARS 2 virus symptoms are flatulence means that it’s inextricably linked with feces,2 that is, the hidden faces of the burka wearers are symptomatic of Moslem women’s problems with slave breathers, who kill to maintain slavery through virus directing, for example, SARS 2. As science has suggested that SARS 2 was a concomitant of AIDS’ weakening of the human system, it’s evident that homosexuality, that is, anal, is a stage in the directing of the SARS 2 virus, which the case of the 15th century draco voivode, that is, ‘dragon administrator’, Prince Vlad ‘the impaler’ Dracul III of Wallachia, later modern Romania, neighbor of the Ukraine, whose practice was to impale his enemies on stakes of wood through the anus, demonstrates. Dracul was the model for Irish writer Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) novel of a vampire creature, immortal through biting the necks of humans and drinking their blood, in Romania’s Transylvania region, that is, as a mosquito, worshiped by Moslems in their Mosques, as representing parasitical slavery.

 According to sura 23, Al Mu’minun, المؤمنون, that is, ‘The Believers’ chapter of the Koran, women are incubators, ‘We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed substance) …’ (12-14) The Islamic leech is the prototypical draco voivode, a title and role common throughout Eurasia, which Vlad ‘the impaler’ Putin demonstrated as the ‘red dragon’ (Rev: 12. 4) of Jesus’ disciple John’s apocalyptic vision of the future, Revelation, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17)  The Ukraine had applied for membership of the European Union of states, with its blue flag of twelve stars, ‘And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and crying out in the pain and agony of giving birth.’ (Rev: 12. 1-2) However, at the height of the ‘blood plague’ (Rev: 11. 6) Putin’s Red Army invaded, ‘The dragon stood before the woman, who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12. 4) In Christianity, the child is ‘he who will rule the nations with an iron scepter’, that is, Jesus in his ‘Second Coming’ to the Earth, ‘Out of his mouth came a sharp sword.’ (Rev: 19. 15) As Putin seems responsible for developing a directed virus of hell, he’s the Antichrist, ‘And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.’ (Rev: 13. 11) The bleats of the lamb are the military and civil police, which are the bully’s horns, as it knows peace, but it’s a slaver, that is, castration of humanity’s what it’s for; as nose peas ingestion, that is, testes, is the reason for the Ukraine’s being viewed as rich farmland by Russia. After leaving the field fallow in 1991, for the growth of democracy and civilization, based on the generation of enthusiasm for capital investment, through successful manufacturing of made available product, Vlad ‘nose’ Putin ’Rus is a ‘ball snorter’; as that’s what he’s for,


Cod Piece


‘Ad yer daughter


‘E snorts ‘er

 God peas


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