New York Knucked

21/11/2023 02:43

New York Knucked


The name by which the people of the East coast city of New York, New York state, United States of America, are known is ‘Knickerbockers’; for example, the New York ‘Knicks’ baseball team wore the short pants as a part of their uniform, which were also worn by golfers, etc., at least since the 1860s. Immortalized in movies by the mass media Empire of the US in the Los Angeles (L. A.) district of Hollywood, ‘Babylon’, west coast state of California, in films like The Great Gatsby (1974), starring actor Robert Redford, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, set in 1922, of a millionaire playboy ‘bootlegger’, that is, he makes and sells alcohol, which was illegal, during the Prohibition (1920-33) period of US’ history, Jay Gatsby takes the blame for a woman, Myrtle Wilson, being killed in a hit and run, although he himself was a passenger, while his lover, actress Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan, was driving. Garage owner husband, George, of the woman, Myrtle, kills Gatsby, which is the narrative’s tragedy, while the story presents it as the rite of passage in the growth to maturity of the narrator, actor Sam Waterston as Nick Carraway, Daisy’s cousin.



 While exchanging ‘knickers’ for long pants was conceived as something of a rite of passage during the 1920s, when knickerbockers came to be abandoned in favor of more generally worn trousers, the fact that knickers came to be understood as referring to women’s underwear, and its similarity with the pronunciation of the taboo ‘niggers’, as a pejorative term for black slavers/slaves, had deleterious effects on the term’s usage. Moreover, the name of the US’ B-29 aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb, ‘Fat Man’, on the Japanese city of Nagasaki on 9th August, 1945, to end World War Two (1939-45) in the Pacific theater, was Bockscar, which apart from the taking off of the knickers, suggests foreknowledge of the scar left after the healing of the wound. That the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center upon lower Manhattan island, New York city, New York state, resembled legs on September 11th, 2001, was similarly poignant, as well as ludicrous, as they represented the start of the ‘crazy golf’ war, because of the wounds and the scars left, after the terrorist attack by the extremist Islamic group, Al Qaeda, ‘the base’, led by Saudi Arabian business heir, Osama Ben Laden, operating out of Afghanistan under the auspices of the notoriously misogynist Taliban regime, which hijacked civil airliners to crash into the WTC on 9/11.

 Although American Football seemed to be the logical reference, that is, the Jets of New York, and the Giants, because of the legs of the Twin Towers, the religious theme was obviously baseball. Al Qaeda, ‘the base’, sought a ‘home run’, with a wall of the Defense Department building of the Pentagon, city of Arlington, Virginia state, being breached by hijackers crashing a third civil airliner there. A fourth hijacked airliner, reputedly on its way to the White House, Washington D.C. residence of then US’ President, George W. Bush Jnr., crashed into a field at Stonycreek, a township, that is, a Pennsylvania state municipal governing entity of 300 +/- people per m2, in Somerset County, Shanksville borough, brought down by passengers attempting to regain control of the aircraft from the terrorists. The target was the Knicks, that is, the New Yorkers, in the sense that they were being raised to the ground, rather than being prepared to wear long pants, as a rite of passage into maturity, which was a precursor of the continuation of the Gulf wars that had been at the forefront of Western consciousness since the post-WWII Arab-Israeli war of 1948, where the Jews were told they’d be ‘driven into the sea’, but refused.



 The crazy golf theme was of the giant ape, King Kong, seen atop the Empire State building in the 1933 movie, King Kong, remade in 1976, with the North Tower of the World Trade Center as the setting for the ape’s swatting USAF fighter jets away from what refuge he’d been able to find there. Kong’s absence was noticeable, when the terrorists of Al Qaeda, ‘the base’, crashed their hijacked civil airliners into the WTC, which meant a home run was possible, after making it to ‘second base’ at the Defense Department building of the Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. Moreover, as the ‘incurable killer disease’, HIV/AIDS, discovered by DR Congo in 1983, transmitted between homosexuals, injecting infected semen into each other’s anuses, from their penises, during sterile mockeries of human sexual intercourse, was a mutated variant of the simian immune deficiency virus (SIV), Kong was there in spirit; if not physically.

 When the single tower of the One World Trade Center was completed in 2014, as a replacement for the Twin Towers, after construction began in 2006, coinciding with the release of the movie, World Trade Center, it was evident that, despite a further filmed remake being released in 2005, from the US’ mass media Empire, situated in the district of Hollywood, Los Angeles, west coast state of California, the crazy golf Kong theme was being replaced by that of the vampire, Dracula; the legendary creature written of by Irish novelist Bram Stoker in 1897, whose model, 15th century Vlad Dracul III of Wallachia, later modern Romania, impaled his enemies on stakes of wood, driven into the holes of their anuses, in a fashion reminiscent of the way the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) had infected the human system, resulting in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), collapse of the organs of the body, and death.

 According to scientists, when the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus emerged from a Wuhan city hospital, Hubei province, communist China, in December 2019, it was a sign that the human system had been penetrated by the vampire, AIDS. The resultant global epidemic killed millions, but concern centered upon what came afterwards, as the President of the communist Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, elected in 1999, ordered the ‘Red Army’ to invade the neighboring Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, with a main field weapon resembling a conventional version of the SARS biological attack, which symptoms were flatulence and lung collapse.



 The TOS 1 and 2 ‘heavy flamethrower system’ was based on the simple principle of fierily causing a lung collapsing vacuum. Whereas SARS virally caused a lung collapsing flatulence, the first stage TOS missile launched a combustible gas, fierily followed by a second missile, which as DR Congo had been a communist nation, before 1991, suggested that the KGB had researched a new weapon, the ‘ape bum’, for their former lieutenant colonel, Putin, who the US with its ‘Freedom Tower’ hadn’t yet been a stake in removing, that is, ‘a hole in one’ hadn’t yet been made by the US’ eagle, although in terms of crazy golf, TOS restarted the play after the players balls had gotten stuck in Iraq’s sand bunkers.

 That the SARS 1 virus first emerged from a cave of horseshoe bats in Yunnan province, China, as a less virulent form of SARS 2, quelled between 2002 and ‘04, further added to the vampire theme, as bats were a form believed to be used by vampires, particularly the anti-hero of Stoker’s novel, Dracula, who transformed into a bat at nighttime, when emerging from his coffin, as a similarly nocturnal creature, after sleeping there during the hours of daylight. That it’s a pastime of cattle ranch hands, to throw horseshoes over a stake in the ground, further added to the gay ‘mare theme, as the WTC had seven buildings, corresponding to the seven nails of a horseshoe, while the ‘Freedom Tower’ corresponded to the stake in the heart of any vampire, during the crazy golf war to get the hole in one, who was looking to continue the Islamic extremist Jihad, ‘Holy War’, and take another bite out of New York’s ‘Big Apple’, as well as the Knicks’ baseball bat, while the putting of Putin ‘the stake’ further drained US’ hearts’ compassion.



 Although BAT’s cigarettes weren’t blamed for SARS, that is, the British American Tobacco (BAT) company, whose products were largely deemed a contributory factor in the contracting of lung cancer, the SARS bearing horseshoe bat wasn’t a symbolic virus causing lung collapse. Before WWII, the Japanese invasion of China, in 1937, resulted in their Unit 731’s experimenting on the Chinese population from their base in the city of Anda, Heilongjiang province, to discover a ‘biological weapon’ to be used on urban conurbations; for example, there was a plan to use kamikaze ‘suicide’ plane pilots to infest the city of San Diego, west coast state of California, with plague, in an operation codenamed, ‘Cherry Blossoms at Night’, on September 22nd, 1945, deploying infected fleas against the US. The discovery of virus bearing horseshoe bats, emerging from a cave, at an abandoned copper mine, near the town of Tongguan, Moijang Hani Autonomous County, Yunnan province, China, in a region where ethnic minorities predominate, that is, Vietnamese (Hani), suggests the testing of a biological weapon along lines familiar to Unit 731’s, as ‘ethnic cleansing’, that is, the extermination of minority populations by larger social groupings, was common after the collapse of ‘soviet’ Russian communism which, imposed on the Russian Empire of Tsar Nicholas II, towards the close of World War One (1914-18), after the October 1917 Revolution, led by Vladimir Ilyich ‘Lenin’, deposing the Tsar and his oligarchy, replaced it with the vision of German economics’ philosopher, Karl Marx, in Das Kapital (1968), ‘from each according to his ability; to each according to his needs’. A principle holding together the communist nations, after the ‘Red Army’ of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) captured Germany’s capital city, Berlin, to defeat that nation’s ambitions of enslaving Europe in WWII.



 Refusing to leave those countries ‘liberated’ en route through Eastern Europe, the imposition of ‘soviet’ governance by a process of collective decision making, had held together otherwise incompatible ethnic groupings, for example, Christians and Moslems, but that grip on the club of the collective consciousness had loosened with the decision of the USSR (CCCP) in 1991 to relinquish control of its ‘satellite’ slave states established after WWII and reconstitute as the Russian Federation. The break-up of the communist ‘superstate’, Yugoslavia, for example, was characterized by ethnic cleansing. During the Bosnian war (1992-5) Christian Serb militia set up ‘rape camps’ in which upwards of 70, 000 Moslem women, forced to conceive children from Christians, were ‘ethnically cleansed’ in that way. This resulted in the growth of extremist Moslem organizations. Most noticeably the concept of the Islamic State (IS), which in its various forms expressed the concept of the union of the Islamic nations of the Moslem believers in the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated to their Prophet, Mohamed, by the angels of God, according to tradition, centered upon the Ka’ Ba, shrine of Abraham, patriarch of Judaism, through its founder, son Isaac, child of wife Sara, and of Islam, through second son, Ishmael, ancestor of Mohamed, and child of ‘the Egyptian woman’, Hajer, who together dedicated the Ka’ Ba in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, focus of the annual ‘Haj’ pilgrimage, ‘I will make your offspring like the dust of the Earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted.’ (Gen: 3. 16) God’s promise to Abraham is Judaic, whereas the Ka’ Ba, ‘cube’, is Islamic, which God comments on in the paradise of Eden, when condemning the serpent, Satan, for cursing the woman Eve, and the first man created by God, Adam, with ephemerality, ‘You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.’ (Gen: 3. 14) As women’s seed breeds exponentially, that is, there’s no temporal spatial limit to the amount of offspring of which a single woman can be the physical fatherer, the Ka’ Ba is a ‘snuff box’. Manufactured as a single male brained creature wearing each other’s clothes as a transvestite TV, the often ‘live’ entertainment medium of television is a snuff box, that is, a Ka’ Ba, where the seed of Abraham is extinguished, as Satan eats the dust of the Earth, snuffed out, as the Elton John song goes,1 ‘like a candle in the wind’:


 ‘The Lord is slow to anger and great in power,

And the Lord will by no means leave the guilty unpunished.

In whirlwind and storm is His way,

And clouds are the dust beneath His feet.’ (Nah: 1. 3)



 Leaving aside the notion that the name of God is merely a pejorative for Jewish resentment against their enemies, which have included the Moslems of the nations of Islam at least since May 15th, 1948, the shrine of Abraham, that is, the Ka’ Ba, is his dust, which Satan was told he’d eat. While Israel won their war by March 10th, 1949, for many Moslem communities that had been under the dominance of the Soviet Union in the post-WWII period, IS became the perceived defender of their beleaguered minority in countries that experienced the effects of the collapse of the soviet communist Empire globally, for example, Osama Ben Laden was amongst the Saudi ‘Wahhabi’ volunteers responsible for helping in the war (1979-89) to overthrow the soviet Afghan government in the capital, Kabul, and replace it with the Islamic Taliban regime.

 Al Qaeda, operating under the auspices of the Afghan Taliban, and the Independent State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), led by Iraq’s Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, after its dictator, Saddam Hussein, was deposed in the second Gulf war, after the first (1990-1) crazy golf episode to remove Iraq’s invading army from neighbor Kuwait by getting a hole in one, with one blow from the club, that is, an ‘eagle’, which is the emblem of Iraq, ofttimes erroneously called the Al Uqab upon the black or white flag of the Qerash ‘war tribe’ of the Prophet Mohamed, which more closely approximates to a griffin in European heraldry, as well as other Arab states in the region, through US’ invasion in March 2003, for offering ‘baseball’ bases to Al Qaeda there, while US’ invasion had deposed the Taliban for supporting Al Qaeda by December 17th, 2001, although the Taliban defeated the US to restore their governance of Afghanistan as an Islamic Emirate by 15th August, 2021, like the Independent State of Islam in the Levant (ISIL), with Baghdadi as the Caliph of its putative Caliphate of Islam, Al Qaeda and ISIS grew out of the perceived need to defend Moslems against ethnic persecution.



 The invasion of Kuwait, a fellow oil rich Islamic state, by Iraq, resulted in US’ invasion there to remove the Iraqi army, and safeguard Western industrial and manufacturing interests in ensuring continued supplies of oil from the region, which helped precipitate the collapse of the USSR, as IS support grew in those Russian states where Moslems were minority groups, and the West was perceived as interfering in Islamic affairs, for example, although the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), Kazakhstan (SSR), Kyrgyzstan (SSR), Tajikstan (SSR), Turkmenistan (SSR), and Uzbekistan (SSR), had majority Moslem populations that became independent nations, outside the control of the Russian Federation, Moslems were majority groups in several Russian Federation states, while remaining a minority ethnic grouping overall (10-20 %), that is, in the Republics of Bashkortastan (35%), between the Volga river and the Ural mountains; Tatarstan (53.80%), a part of the Volga Federal District; and Chechnya (95%), Dagestan (83%), Ingushetia (96%), Kabardino Bulkaria (55.40%), and Karachay-Kerkessia (64.20%) in the Northern Caucasus, that is, between the seas of Azov and Black and the large inland lake, labeled by cartographers the Caspian Sea. The politics of separatism led to conflict between the Red Army and Islamic organizations, who found themselves under even greater pressure to accept totalitarian measures, after Al Qaeda’s terrorist attack on the WTC on 9/11, 2001, which probably contributed to the ‘pressure bomb’ attack on the Boston Marathon, Massachusetts state, April 15th, 2013, by Chechen-Kyrgyzstani American ‘brothers in Islam’, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, subsequent to the Chechen war (1994-6) of independence from the Russian Federation, and the second Chechen war (1999-2009), subsequent to the election of Putin, ‘the Farter of all the Russias’, to kiss his ass, and blow phlegm, after restoring another hostile Moslem Republic in preparation for the virus of the barbecue spit.



 In Western terms, Caspian’s a metaphor for, ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’,3 words said by English county medium-fast bowler, Derbyshire’s Cliff Gladwin, on December 20th, 1948, at the Kingsmead Cricket Ground, city of Durban, South Africa, coming in to bat for England in the First Test there, with 2 wickets remaining, and 12 runs required, which Gladwin achieved by means of a leg-bye, off the last ball bowled at the wicket he was commanding, and England went on to win the Fifth Test, and the 1948-49 Test series, 0-2. For non-cognoscenti, Cricket is played on a pitch, with a bowler at one end, and a batter at the other. At 22 yards, or 66 feet, subdivided as 100 links, which is the reason for golf being a game of links between holes, a chain  is a part of a form of measurement, known as Imperial (1824-), as the activity relates to the period of the British Empire (1497-), although its significance in the modern era relates to ‘chain smoking’, that is, slaves, who’re usually associated with chains, as a means of imprisonment, are cigarettely snuffed by puffs, while impotent to defend their wicket, as it were, which three stakes in the ground behind the bat signify women’s seed, as polyorchid humanity, still theoretically defended by an English knight with his sword, but more likely husbanded, as livestock, by a ‘gentleman farmer’, who breeds pigs otherwise.

 As in the 1951 novel, Prince Caspian, by Irish high fantasy novelist, C. S. Lewis, as Putin prepared to pot the Black with his cue, to use an American pool euphemism, he was the usurped Caspian, Lewis’ ‘Emperor of the Lone Islands’, and ‘Duke of the Seven Isles’, with the Red Army, denied by previous Russian Federation President, Boris Yeltsin, who granted the Ukraine independence in 1991, but regaining control of the Azov and Dardanelles straits (8s), for the Black Sea fleet to go through to the seas of the Aegean, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic, by means of the ball’s at the end of the queue, after the crazy golf war and the Kuwaitis.



 Lewis’ works displayed signs of his working with MI6. Whereas Ian Fleming, who authored the James Bond novels, wrote about it, like J. R. R. Tolkien, Lewis’ English friend, whose epic, The Lord of the Rings (1954), was written as a fictional description of the socio-economic and political relations between the West, Central Eurasia and the Middle East,  Lewis’ Prince Caspian, who also features in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (1952), The Silver Chair (1953), and towards the close of The Last Battle (1956) as the father of son, Rilian, is the fulcrum of an intelligence analysis, centered on the Eastern seas, where the Ottoman Empire (1481-1922) of the Moslem Turks of the nations of Islam held sway before WWI, and with the June 18th-24th mutiny of the Black Sea fleet in support of the 1917 Revolution against Tsar Nicholas II’s oligarchy, communist Russia thereafter.

 English idiom is often biblical, ‘Be ye therefore ready also; for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.’ (Luke: 12. 40) Whereas ‘the Second Coming’ of Jesus, ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, to the Earth, after his death, is the theme, although the Christian religion, after Jesus, taught man and shepherds, slavery wants apes and sheep, which is what SIV was for. Once the mutated variant of SIV had entered the human system as HIV, that is, the ‘blood plague’ (Rev: 11. 6) ape bum, the story was the Marquis de Sade’s, a French libertine, who wrote 120 Days of Sodom (1785), as AIDS was a form of torture, which after penetrating the human system, through the anus, that is, a hole in one, caused brain damage and death, that is, degeneration. When scientists revealed that SARS was AIDS related, the story had shifted again to the Marquis de Sade’s ass, that is, torture, brain damage, and slavery were what homosexuality was for. Or, in other words, apes, dragging their knuckles, and sheep, penned by collared dogs in the crazy golf war. The story of the founder of Christianity, Jesus, provides some clues, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ (Mk: 12. 31) Although homosexuals latched onto Jesus’ teaching, as a justification of their activity, the story of Judas Iscariot, Jesus’ disciple, is salutary in explicating where homosexuality errs.

 Found by Judas alone with a woman, Jesus was reported by Judas to the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, who gave him over to the Romans, then occupying Jewish Palestine in the name of their Emperor, Tiberius Augustus Caesar (14-37 C.E.), ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6) The Romans took Jesus to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem, where he was nailed to a cross of wood and died there, but experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of women’s seed. Born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus was the seed of a woman, whereas homosexuality believes Jesus to be an anal birth, that is, Judas’ father, Joseph, was a sodomite developer of the ape bum. However, it’s clear from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, that is, the history and law of the Jews, which is their Talmud and Torah, that the creator, God, gave the woman, Eve, and the first created man, Adam, ‘the fruit of the tree of life’, which was immortality, but that the angel, Satan, placed in the paradise of Eden as a serpent for rejecting God’s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic, and looking to make a hole in one, gave Eve ‘the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, which it was death to taste, saying ‘You shall be as gods.’ (Gen: 3. 5) Expelling Eve and Adam, who according to Jewish Midrash was a hermaphrodite, that is, although Eve is euphemistically described as being from the rib or side of Adam, she was born from self-fertilization, God told Eve her ‘seed’ would prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.’ (Gen: 3. 15) Depicted in Christian iconography crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, the Virgin Mary and Jesus represent the futanarian human species of women’s seed, rather than soccer players trying to get their balls up their nostrils, represented by the goalposts (5 + chains apart), which is capable of self-fertilization, as well as reproduction without men, so Jesus was killed for representing that possibility of escaping from human enchainment to homosexuality, that is, their geas (gays), represented by Judas’ infamous full lips kissing of Jesus, before his betrayal.

 Although the Koran gives Moslems permission to have four wives, Christianity views this as an attempt to retroactively legitimize the birth of Ishmael from an unmarried slave, Hajer, which would make Islam illegitimate. However, Islam affords the opportunity for women’s seed to reproduce within the human family, so the Ka’ Ba, for example, dedicated as the shrine of Abraham by Hajer and Ishmael, in the ancient religion of Egypt symbolizes the ‘Ka’, spirit, and ‘Ba’, soul’, of women’s seed, that is, the penised human host of women’s seed and their womb, which is that of humankind, whereas for the homosexual slaver it’s animal husbandry and TV snuff box ‘live’ at the crazy golf war. That the problem for humanity is homosexuality isn’t self-evident. However, the blood plague, that is, the ape bum, associated with the ‘red dragon’ (Rev: 12. 4) of the New Testament apocalyptic future vision of Jesus’ disciple, John, Revelation, is AIDS, while homosexuality’s detachment from the human cycle of sexual reproduction aligned to family makes it a natural slaver. The ancient Greeks institutionalized host womb slavery in pederasty to manufacture soldiery for war, for example, which entailed the castration of women’s seed. The statue of the Greek goddess, Diana, recovered at Ephesus (1 C.E.), on the western coast of their region of Ionia, 3km (1.9 m) southwest of modern Selçuk, Izmir province, Turkey, for example, has hundreds of testicles strung about her neck, as what the Greeks did with women’s seed was ingest them nasally for the testosterone rush, so they ‘screeched like flocks of raucous birds,’2 in their crazy golf sieges to ‘sack’ cities to get a hole in two, such as that of Troy in Asia Minor, modern Hisarlik, Çannakale province, Turkey, as described by the Greek poet, Homer, in his Iliad (760-10 B.C.).

 That they were hoarse suggests a connection between smoking phallic cigarettes and the extinction of the penis’ seed of women, for example, Jesus, in his ‘Second Coming’ to the Earth, as foretold by John in his Revelation, is ‘he who will rule the nations with an iron rod’, which is taken by adherents of fascism, whose symbol is the Roman fasces, that is, a bundle of rods with an axe in the center, symbolizing the authority of Rome, as theirs. However, the fasces was a symbol of the Roman planner, who cut wood to build a lean-to, inside a clearing in a forest, perhaps, where he’d plan the construction of an encampment in the early days of the Roman Empire, which was adopted by Germany’s National Socialist (Nazi) Party leader, Adolf Hitler, in WWII, to build ‘concentration camps’; inside which millions of ethnic minorities, especially Jews, were killed: in a game of horseshoes to determine how many shoed be on the fingers of the guards, harnessed as slave labor.

 Although fascism and communism were held to be opposites, the USSR’s WWII dictator Joseph Stalin’s policy of extermination, in a Eurasia-wide system of gulag labor camps, was virtually identical. The only difference was in the emphasis on how to slave. Moreover, as war is essentially a homosexual activity to slave more, ‘smoking’ is a euphemism for killing with guns, as well as fellatio, which suggests that cigarette smoking is a variant of the fasces’ ‘bundle of rods’ with an axe in the center, that is, the redly lit cigarette is an ion rod that attracts the attention away from the actual phallus, while the distracted becomes a shoed butt, and the axe is the penis, as more than the euphemistic ‘chopper’, as the butt’s then the psychologically, or physically, castrated slave of the homosexual who ‘smokes’, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) As they didn’t want to be shoed as whores, that is. Although the dragon legends of the Earth center upon the Far East, for example, Japan and China, where SARS arose, that is, a variation upon the standard AIDS ape bum virus, TOS, Putin’s butt, immolating through incendiary flammable fart (IIFF), the Central European equivalent is the draco voivode, ‘dragon administrator’; for example, Vlad Dracul III of Wallachia, which suggests that a draco is a slaver.

 When Putin invaded the Ukraine, its President, Volodymyr Zelensky, had applied to the European Union of states, with their blue flag of twelve stars, for membership, which was biblical, ‘And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and crying out in the pain and agony of giving birth.’ (Rev: 12. 1-2) Putin’s Red Army was the ‘red dragon’, ‘The dragon stood before the woman, who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12. 4) The child is obviously the futanarian species of women’s seed, which wouldn’t be a slave of the vampire if it bred itself. Although the horseshoe bats emerging from the cave in Yunnan province, China, as SARS 1, weren’t vampire bats (Desmodontinae), which are primarily Central and South American, it’s significant that vampires are believed to be able to turn themselves into bats, which is probably a reference to men’s breeding with humans, that is, even if women’s seed were able to breed, they’d have bats’ balls, ‘Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores, but refused to repent of what they had done.’ (Rev: 16. 11) Unable to breed with each other, women can produce only the seed of the vampire, so what passes for the human race is as blind as a bat which, able only to see in the infrared spectrum, is attracted to the cigarette virus, that is, the secret fires with which homosexuality slave drives the sex addict, who can’t see, for the bats on its balls, that it should have three.

 That Al Qaeda, ‘the base’, were engaged in a game with the Giants, the Jets, and the Knicks, when attacking the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the White House, in lieu of a home run, seems incontrovertible, while whores’ shoeing is what men do with women’s seed, that is, God’s foot’s shoed, which means that the futanarian human race to colonize the planets amongst the stars is their slave instead, so universal immortality, through medicine and technology, derived from the species’ own brainpower, is impossible. Once the whore’s shoed, the hearse can be ridden, which is what the horseshoe bats represent, as the characteristic of SARS is the geas of the coffin, which is how humans are steered, through the bones in their ears, called hammer, anvil, and stirrup, that the demon balls of homosexuality use to ride the remains of women’s seed into the ground as its slaver.

 The ancient belief about the devil, as a soul catcher, corresponds to the catcher in baseball, who’s there in the hope of catching the ball three times in succession, as the pitcher pitches the ball to the batter who, if he misses hitting the ball three times in succession, is defined as a ‘strike out’, which means vacating the position without scoring. Moreover, as it’s the role of the vampire to sink its teeth into the necks of as many victims as it wants immortal slaves, it’s the devil, which means that women’s seed are the three balls, as polyorchid humans normatively have three testes. As Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures Redemption for women’s seed, it’s significant that the pawnbroker’s sign is three balls, as humans are blinded by the devil to the fact that they need them, whereas all of the signs point to their importance. If the catcher is the devil, then Redemption resides with bats and balls. However, if the earmarked bones of the enchained slaves are belabored by the bats in the stirrups of the hoarse, hammering at the anvil in their rear, the balls won’t be ready in a trice.


1 Sutherland, Angela ‘Berserkers in Mesopotamia, Europe and India: Old Tradition of Mad Fighting Dates Back At Least 3000 B.C.’, .

2 John, Elton (music), and Bernie Taupin (lyrics) ‘Candle In The Wind’, Yellow Brick Road, 1973.

3 Gladwin, Cliff ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’, December 20th, 1948, Durban, South Africa.