Butt In: A Smell

21/11/2023 10:38

Butt In: A Smell


The possible use of the thermobaric ‘bunker buster’ projectile weapon’s system by the Russian Federation’s President Vladimir Putin in war against the Ukraine from February 24th, 2022, is significant in Christian terms. The weapon, which can be hand held, as a single bazooka rocket, or delivered by aircraft, usually requires a multiple-launcher,1 and a TOC (TOS) 1 Heavy Flamethrower System (тяжёлая огнемётная система), mounted on a T-72 tank chassis, was reportedly used for the first time on February 28th,2 against a military base in the city of Okhtyrka, northeastern border province, Sumy Oblast, during the initial stages of the conflict over Russia’s presence in the Crimea region, with its Black Sea Fleet headquartered at the port of Sevastopol. Called ‘vacuum bombs’, they’re a two-stage munition; the first charge spreads an aerosol of vapor gas over an area: a fuel air explosive (FAE). The second charge ignites the fog; creating a blast: a pressure wave and vacuum. Oxygen is sucked up into space; the result being similar to that of a nuclear cloud. The vacuum, rupturing lungs, is accompanied by a blast and vaporization of everything within its radius.



 Although associable with ‘ethnic cleansing’, the weapon, which was deployed in June 2017 by the US’ army against the honeycomb labyrinth of Tora Bora, ‘Black Cave’, and tunnels in the Spin Ghar mountain range, Pachir Aw Agam District of Nangarhar, Afghanistan, for example, is particularly revealing of the way in which targets are developed. The image that comes to mind when vacuum bombs are discussed is the vacuum cleaner, which is a hand-held tube reaching to the floor attached to a bag on wheels. Often called a ‘hoover’, the name of the first Director (1924-72) of the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, the tube sucks up into the bag whatever is in its path, as the operator moves about the chosen area; a useful metaphor for the activity of an (FBI) agent deployed to investigate as a ‘gumshoe’. The device is used domestically by housewives on carpets, etc., which is interesting, because women aren’t generally believed to have penis’ semen and testes of their own, although they do as futanarian. Moreover, women are often bigger, so their penis reaches the floor; making their sexual equipment resemble that of a vacuum cleaner.



 As futanarian women’s seed don’t need men to reproduce, they’re essentially independent as a species, and all women have the feminine reproductive organs, that is, the vagina and ovaries, so their capacity to produce human brainpower is much greater, which of course begs the question: where are they? The answer is that all of their oxygen has been sucked out of the room by the equivalent of a thermobaric vacuum bomb. As the internal combustion engine of the wheeled automobile produces carbon monoxide poison from its rear, so the head of the ‘beast’ looks like that of a vacuum cleaner, because it’s thermobaric. With often high concentrations of bee pollen attending the contracting of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), that is, the coronavirus causing global epidemic after its discovery at a Wuhan city hospital, China, Hubei province, December 2019, it’s of signal importance that the Russian thermobaric weapons deployed in Ukraine are of the ‘honeycomb’ type, because SARS causes the lungs to collapse also, that is, Putin deployed a SARS weapon. Moreover, as women’s seed is absent from the Christian TV mass media, for example, thermobaric deployment is associable with the objective of women’s race being made extinct by oxygen starvation, that is, if there aren’t any futanarian women, the human race is smoked down to its butt. The aim of the many armed demon humanity has come to call its armies being to ensure that women remain slaves to the vacuum cleaner, rather than use their futanarian women’s seed, with its penis long enough to reach the floor, so resembling a vacuum cleaner, to sexually reproduce the human brainpower of their species to liberate themselves from being ethnically cleaners.



 The Russian RPO-A Shmel (реактивный пехотный огнемёт-А Шмель/РПО-А Шмель), is a man-portable rocket-launcher, that is, a ‘bumblebee’. As it’s effectively an explosive fart representing the flatulence produced by SARS, it's a homosexual’s farting (fighting) in the human face to see it wearing a ‘pc’ mask, as a ‘biological warfare’ symbol of politely not minding the psychopathology of the sexual perversion, which affords an opportunity for the alien to demonstrate the physical prowess of its weapons’ arsenal, ‘… fart is explosive as it contains the most volatile and combustible types of gases in its composition.’3 Moreover, as men’s ova were once transmitted through the vas deferens, appearing like the winged seeds of the sycamore tree, before being taken by the women’s ovaries, the bumblebee is a pertinent image, because its wings resemble sycamore seeds. Consequently, the use of bumblebee thermobaric weaponry is indicative of humans being seen as ethnically unclean by aliens. As the bumblebee is basically a farting weapon, it’s what homosexuals do; offer their assholes. Or, in other words, as has been noted by scientists,4 the incurable killer disease, AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, transmitted as an STD between homosexuals, has weakened the immune system of humanity, making those with HIV, that is, the human immune deficiency virus, SARS carriers, because homosexuality is an alien invading.



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